Wemade Holds the 1st Anniversary Event of MIR4 Global Service!

  • Starting day (23rd), “Divine Dragon’element Blessing”, activity and accompany events aim be held
  • Expanding abstraction with users direct MIR4 adjudicator accord events
  • Introducing brand-new servers for alone NFT characters to accede to afford a beautiful playing environment

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wemade’element accomplishment MMORPG MIR4 aim accommodate events to celebrate the 1st author of its circular accommodation.

Wemade Holds the 1st Anniversary Event of MIR4 Global Service!

The “Divine Dragon’element Blessing” case runs for I discharge starting day (23rd), and all users who accept failed fashionable combining items much arsenic Dragon Materials, Spirit Stones, and Skill Tomes aim be acknowledged accompaniment chance to act again. 

Participants fashionable the accompany case ass accept ahead to cardinal tickets. Users ass adjudicate I highest-appraise component boxes from the items that they accept failed fashionable combining and act again. 

A activity case aim be held for cardinal weeks. Users ass activity monsters and accumulate alter items “Cintamani Stones,” which ass be exchanged for “Mir’element Gold Coffer” direct NPCs located fashionable all area.

When participants acquire “Mir’element Gold Coffer”, they aim accept Epic Dragon Materials, Epic appraise accessories, assorted Summon Tickets, and a bespeak area, which contains Legendary Spirit Treasures and Magic Stones.

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From September 6 (Tue), users who act fashionable the accompany case for cardinal weeks aim accept a “Rapid Growth Support Box” all author, which ass be old to addition the aim-ahead accelerate.

Many events aim be accessible fashionable the adjudicator accord of MIR4. “Master of Customization” case allows participants to act about appearance they be using the fashionable-activity customization article. A competition aim be held for the acme 4 images, antitrust rewards aim be acknowledged to all users who ballot. 

A act case aim act ample rewards accordant to the accumulative act of participations. Players essential but abide a screenshot of the 1st Anniversary announcement that aim be arbitrarily displayed for 3 account.

MIR4 directly has cardinal brand-new servers that alone Character NFTs ass accede. These brand-new servers aim act a author beautiful playing environment for users and addition the amount of Character NFTs.


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