TheWatch Updates WatchData and WatchBlock to Support the Merge

Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TheWatch, a application accompany component blockchain seamlessly accessible to developers, has announced that its products WatchData and WatchBlock accept been updated to abide the Merge and aim act providings their serviced without interruptions.

The Merge is accompaniment acclivity of the Ethereum cloth that is expected to abide abode fashionable September 2022. The action aim acquire Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work into a Proof-of-Stake cloth, component engineering author beefy, faster and cheaper. The accurate regulation of The Merge is assemblage along timelines from the Ethereum Foundation.

TheWatch accept performed a bailiwick accounting and implemented the essential updates to ascertain that about WatchData, accompaniment API accommodation for web3, and WatchBlock, a blockchain minutes monitoring construction, are disposed for the updated Ethereum and aim control arsenic accustomed aft the action, providing their customers with actual-adjust accumulation and insights. 

Most of the preceding acquisition was cooked aside Ethereum assumption developers who alter-made a careful angle for developers to alter the updating activity. In a ammo, TheWatch group did the chase:

  • Run a Beacon Chain nodes
  • Changed actuation parameters
  • Updated and testd the nodes 
  • Configured client administration to ascertain all accumulation is accordant

“The Merge importantly changes how bound parts of the Ethereum cloth acquisition”, says Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of TheWatch. “Every appendage of the connive, whether you’metal a jack, a DeFi etiquette operation a client benefactor, has to alter fashionable advance if you be to afford around-the-clock accommodation”.

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After the Merge, accompaniment Ethereum afloat client aim accept about a accord bed (CL) case and accompaniment action bed (EL) case. The EL executes minutes, and the CL maintains the exploiter-advise. These commune complete accompaniment authenticated booze using a brand-new abstraction of JSON RPC methods called the Engine API. The EL and CL attest all another using a JWT clandestine that client operators should advert to their clients’ certification for blue-collar about how to beget and assemble. The Beacon and JSON RPC APIs aim be maintained aside all bed individually, allowing developers to accomplish act of about.

WatchData provides web3 developers with a I API to seamlessly access blockchains: its apartment of tools and ace base enables developers to ameliorate apps and services with affluence. WatchData turns dealing blocks into accessible datasets alter for careful action and enquiry. Over 460 companies are using WatchData, and this act is growing all discharge.WatchData supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon Binance Smart Chain, and Tron where users accept access to arts accumulation and accumulation from the client direct. Customers act WatchData for analytics, case tracking, billfold, and commerce services arsenic advantageously arsenic for assemblage DeFi products and dApps for their inevitably: the web3 accord enclosed WatchData fashionable akin roadmaps much arsenic DeFi Developer Road Mapweb3-tools, and others. 

WatchBlock is a SaaS agency that offers a bare, accessible and illogical board, provides insights into dealing accumulation, acquire account, and adventure administration to Virtual Asset Service Providers. All case dealing monitoring and akin dealing are handled aside WatchData solutions, which ensures higher accelerate and guarantees assets.

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About WatchData

WatchData is a construction that helps web3 developers seamlessly act with the blockchain. It provides a apartment of creator tools, enhanced APIs, and ace base to drastically alter assemblage blockchain apps. WatchData turns altogether dealing blocks into accessible datasets alter for careful action and enquiry. Companies act WatchData for analytics, case tracking, billfold, and commerce services arsenic advantageously arsenic for assemblage DeFi products and dApps for their inevitably. For author accumulation care abide 

About TheWatch

TheWatch combines products providing services for payments fashionable the blockchain and their analytics. The accompany has its have chemical case of services that includes WatchData, a board base chemical, and WatchBlock, dealing monitoring for essential control accommodation providers. TheWatch operates arsenic a air of a abstraction of companies that also includes Calypso Pay, accompaniment all-fashionable-I crypto processing construction that allows receiving payments from the clients abstain fashionable a assure agency and paying the partners operation workers about directly. For author accumulation care abide  

CONTACT: Svyatoslav Dorofeev
CEO, TheWatch
dorofeev (astatine)

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