Switchback Studio’s Harrison on Cat Herder 

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Pussy-cats as well as videogames go collectively are drawn to cheese as well as biscuits, as well as taking a standard time period for making an attempt to manage the uncontrollable, Harrison as well as Switchback tend to be in to a victor via Feline Herder. 

In Feline Herder, you’re taking the function of a unlucky pet cat proprietor/sitter exactly who attempts to have these lively, cute as well as quickly distracted pets accomplish exactly what you desire, via different challenges as well as situations. 

We captured up via Harrison to track down <blank> a lot more when it comes to his quest as a solo dev, exactly how the recreation got here to get as well as his muse/pet cat Dory, as the guy confessed the guy is actually in truth a pet dog individual!

Feline Herder is actually <blank> currently accessible in Steam 


Kindly can that you present on your own?

My personal identify is actually Harrison! We’m a previous technical developer, as well as left my personal work when it comes to a 12 months in the past to try to give it as an independent programmer!

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As well as can that you present your own workshop?

My personal workshop is named Switchback Workshop, however in point of fact it’s merely myself. We’m a solo dev! We bought the concept for all the identify whenever We was actually in a backpacking journey, as well as believed the alliteration was actually enjoyable.

Are you able to inform you when it comes to Feline Herder?

Feline Herder is actually a foolish, charming, as well as disorderly little bit challenge recreation when it comes to, umm, herding felines!  The gameplay revolves about making an attempt to have the felines right into the focus on areas, as well as making all of them remain there.  The felines, getting felines, will not be at all times collective.

Just how performed that you come up with all the idea?

The very first variation of Feline Herder was actually made as a part of a self-inflicted obstacle, the place We developed 10 movie video games in 10 weeks! It was actually the ninth recreation when you look at the obstacle, as well as just exists as a result of my personal first recreation concept entailing represents had actually to get scrapped following the very first day. The idea for all the recreation a lot more otherwise much less sprang to existence totally developed, although We envision my personal real-life pet cat Dory in addition had actually some thing accomplish via it.

Are you able to inform you a bit when it comes to the gameplay?

There’s a lot of completely different pet cat playthings when you look at the recreation, from treats to laser tips that could pet cat steering wheels, as well as every one interacts with all the felines/athlete another way.  The felines in addition have actually their unique possess just likes as well as dislikes! The challenge component of the recreation arrives from figuring <blank> adequately make use of exactly what playthings you may have accessible.

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Performed you need to provide the felines individual when you look at the recreation?

My personal pet cat Dory was actually a significant impact from the individual of the recreation!  She’s unbelievably disorderly, meaning that loads of that arrives via in exactly how felines will certainly react to particular stimuli, are drawn to sniffing catnip, acquiring sprayed, otherwise getting chose up in opposition to their unique will certainly.  She in addition motivated a few of the plaything communications, are drawn to enjoying TV.

Just what’s the next move for all the recreation as well as strategies for all the potential?

The second massive action for all the recreation is actually launch! After that (while the unavoidable surge of insect studies), I could otherwise would possibly maybe not carry out an upgrade or 2, relying from the recreation’s success. From there, We’ll end up being dealing with my personal subsequent recreation, tentatively entitled Sticky Golf, the place the whole lot golf ball strikes, sticks!

Cat Herder

Could you be a pet cat otherwise a pet dog individual?

Funnily sufficient, We’m in all probability a lot more of a pet dog individual, as well as would certainly positively have actually a pet dog whether We didn’t reside in a pretty little flat. Nevertheless, We clearly really love felines!

Whenever is actually it <blank> as well as exactly how could men and women remain up to date?

The recreation got here <blank> in ThursdayNovember third!  In case you’re fascinated with updates, the most effective location for it’s twitter:  https://twitter.com/SwitchbackSt33

For a lot more in all circumstances independent video games, remain tuned to www.intoindiegames.com