Street Fighter 6 Preview – A Deep Dive Into Ken’s New Look

Street Fighter 6

Just like you noticed via our cover reveal yesterday, one of the more iconic personalities is actually a centerpiece of Avenue Boxer 6’s tale. Ken Experts, one in every of the 2 authentic playable Avenue Boxer personalities, actions right back right into the limelight via an all-new backstory. As quickly as his brand-new appearance had been unveiled, the Avenue Boxer area had actually a subject day pondering just what took place to place Ken during the tough state the guy showed up, via memes popping up deeming him “Hobo Ken.” Whereas at Capcom’s main office in Osaka, Japan, we talked via Avenue Boxer 6 supervisor Takayuki Nakayama as well as artwork supervisor Kaname Fujioka for a lot more information in regards to just what is occurring in Ken’s existence about the full time of Avenue Boxer 6.

Giving back Globe Warriors are drawn to Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, as well as Blanka all sporting activity brand-new seems to be, however Ken is probably the largest shift from his timeless look. Longtime Avenue Boxer followers have actually viewed his development from Ryu’s competing to other half of Eliza, dad of Mel, as well as ex-vice head of state of the Experts Structure. Avenue Boxer 6 presents the personality to a brand-new period via brand-new motivations.

“All through the collection, it looks like his existence has actually develop into an increasing number of secure, while the workforce really felt are drawn to the guy had been shedding a cause to deal with,” Nakayama states. “Yet this is certainly a approach to produce that cause for him to action up. We would you like to produce that sort of plotline that reveals why Ken is essential and offers him that function. The tale can be connected to these additional personalities near him.”

Commonly showing off a crimson gi as well as a clean-shaven deal with, Ken currently stones a coat, footwear, brand-new crimson trousers, as well as in some depictions, a bit bristle. Capcom’s fundamental purpose, in addition to depicting an iconic personality in a totally different section of his existence, had been to carry right back the enthusiastic nature that established Ken besides Ryu during the franchise business’s very early days.


“The title that left me personally with all the largest impact had been the Avenue Boxer II collection as well as just how We see Ken during the Avenue Boxer II collection is actually, as compared to Ryu, exactly who is actually a lot more demanding as well as severe, We see Ken as a intense as well as explosive personality,” Fujioka states. “All through the development of the collection, there’s already been totally different sorts of Kens at the same time. From inside the Alpha collection, the guy had been a bit a lot more lively as well as easy going in such a way. For six, we wished to carry that intense explosiveness right back right into it. As compared, Luke in Avenue Boxer 6 is perhaps a lot more cheerful as well as a sort of lively personality. We wished to distinguish from that, which means that we wished to go along with that a lot more intense types of individual. And also there getting the tale at the rear of Ken as well as there getting a a lot more severe hue to him, we wished to specific that by way of the personality styles at the same time.”

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Street Fighter 6

Regardless of the varied tips fell throughout my personal times at Capcom, the workshop continues to be tight-lipped on details story factors Ken is actually on this perilous state. “For participants exactly who begin Avenue Boxer 6, capable anticipate that Ken is actually currently on run from one thing, as well as the guy isn’t capable of see his boy Mel for factors unidentified,” Nakayama states. “He is in a challenging state of affairs that you’re going to find out more in regards to during the potential.”


The drape can be took right back in Ken’s backstory by way of a unique four-issue comedian collection from longtime Capcom partner UDON Home entertainment. The story will certainly offer all of us many understanding right into what is actually happening via Ken whereas environment the phase for Avenue Boxer 6’s tale. Luke also function prominently on this collection of witties, as will certainly Ken’s boy, Mel.

“This can be the very first time that we are carrying this out sort of comedian e-book collection that is carefully connected to the tale of the fundamental sport,” Nakayama states. “We are functioning really carefully with these associates at UDON. We are offering the manuscript while the story of what to anticipate previously the occasions of Avenue Boxer 6. They are going is aiding all of us to produce the storylines. Past that, they’re also functioning right into potential spin-offs at the same time, as well as teaming up with all the scriptwriters on workforce, which means that there can be a lot more things past simply the preliminary comedian e-book collection.”

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Piecing with each other clues, it appears as if Ken is actually on run in relationship to a terrorist bombing. In a summary of the UDON comedian collection, We find out that Ken has actually misplaced each his standing as well as image as well as is shipped on run for against the law the guy really did not devote. From inside the overhead nevertheless from introductory to Ken’s Gallery tale, the authorizations have actually seemingly apprehended him for investigation, via concerns getting increased in regards to “the champ.” Ken seemingly will get out from unshaven state of affairs depicted during the initial shot overhead as well as goes into a short-term way of living keeping a minimal account as well as stay off the radars of the authorities. That result in the phenomenal instances beneath which he is dwelling during times of Avenue Boxer 6.

Street Fighter 6

We cannot understand obviously what is actually happening via Ken up until that comedian prequel collection as well as Avenue Boxer 6 show up, however for currently, shade me personally captivated. As a Ken fundamental, I like observing him set in totally different circumstances, whilst tense as this set seems to be is. From inside the walkout computer animation for Ken, it appears as if the guy is actually additional mental on this title. Fujioka says to me personally the guy really wants to carry right back Ken’s intense individual, as well as primarily based in my personal times with all the sport, it seems to be theyhave actually completed that goal. I am fired up observe just what else the tale has actually in save whenever Avenue Boxer 6 launches in 2023.