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It doesn’t receive less complicated otherwise much more tasty than Sticky Toffee Pudding via Butterscotch dressing. It’s irresistibly cosy, gooey-gooey butterscotchy as well as has actually has actually a light however flexible days taste. It Inspections all the proper containers to a splendidly tasty mouth-watering surprise

A phrase of warning, that dessert is actually means also excellent – That you’ll wish to sometimes dual the dish otherwise create it once more following very first set will get chowed down swiftly. Though We baked my own in a covered pot, you’ll create it in a muffin container otherwise particular person pudding molds

Active ingredients

250g Pitted Days

1.25 mugs All Function Flour

1/4 mug Brownish Sweets

1 mug Boiling water

2 Eggs

1 tsp Cooking Soda

1.5 tsp Cooking Particle

ButterScotch Dressing

1.25 mugs Brownish Sweets

5 tbsp Butter

1.5 mug Hefty Lotion

1/2 tsp vanilla essence


Preheat the stove to 350℉.

Combine the cut days as well as cooking soda in a dish. Put over the boiling water as well as Stand 10 moments, next mash nicely via a masher.

In a huge dish combine with each other your own flour, cooking particle, butter,  glucose. Subsequent, combine to your  days. Defeat till integrated

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Line your own covered pot via parchment paper, put the batter as well as distributed uniformly. Cook for 35 moments otherwise till a toothpick placed will come away clear.

In a saucepan soften butter over medium warm as well as include brownish glucose. Convey combination to a boil stirring periodically, and after that mix when you look at the hefty lotion as well as vanilla essence. Simmer dressing, till thickened somewhat, pertaining to 2 moments.

 Location a scoop of vanilla/delicious chocolate ice-cream as well as drizzle the dressing in leading, as well as offer warm and comfortable.



You’ll be able to freeze the pudding (previously saucing) – only cover in non-stick cooking paper as well as freeze in an hermetic compartment. Merely reheat whenever reviewed to offer. 


For a espresso sticky day pudding, include 1 tbsp of instantaneous espresso granules in aided by the days. 

As quickly once the pudding will come away of the stove, jab many openings, and after that put over some scorching butterscotch dressing.That makes the pudding intensely wet

Strive it for on your own as well as allow myself understand in case you discover it only as tasty!

In the event you create that dish, make sure that to breeze an image as well as article it in Instagram via a hashtag #meoneverythingblog

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