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Most individuals concern the unidentified, and also probably one of the most terrifying situations they may be able expertise is actually one thing that lurks below all of them, on this instance, one thing covert in a deep physique of water. This kind of SCP is going to be of terrific rate of interest to sea beast supporters. 

SCP anomalies could variety from ghosts, items, and also unexplained phenomena. That times we are going to characteristic a massive beast called SCP 3000 otherwise as it really is popularly referred to as “ Anathasheshna”. Its a Thaumiel-class anomaly that’s maintained protected via the SCP Structure for the capacity to create damage to mankind. 

It features a extensive mass of flesh that’s as giant as a metropolis obstruct and also weighs over 10 billion lots. The measurement and also weight create it to sink whenever left open to water, and also the extremely presence is actually totally unidentified. 

Its theorized that that animal ended up being birthed from an unidentified occasion for the very early historical past of the Planet. 

Exactly what is actually SCP 3000?

SCP 3000 is actually a massive, water, and also serpent-like animal resembling an ethical eel. Its stated that it really is practically unattainable to step the large measurement however estimations anticipate it is about 600 to 900 kilometers in size.

The head step about 2.5meters in dimension and also some elements of the physique tend to be as giant as 10 diameters in measurement. Reviews uncover that animal doesn’t actually need nourishment otherwise meals to endure, however after supplying it launches a thick, dark-grey compound.

The place is actually SCP 3000 included?

Eremita scp 3000

SCP 3000 is actually included for the Bay of Bengal and that is about 300 kilometers in dimension. The realm is actually protected via Structure Marine Ships to avoid civilians from going right into the realm. For the occasion that folks been available in call making use of animal, they needs to be quickly quarantined at website 151 indefinitely.

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Just how ended up being SCP found out?

SCP-3000 ended up being found out in 1971, soon after 2 Bangladeshi angling watercrafts and also fifteen fishermen have been reported missing out on after wandering close to the Indian coastline.

The nation of Bangladesh ended up being developed at the full time and also had actually already been subjected to high-profile political persecution in Pakistan. The event precipitated terrific interest as a result of worries that it ended up being the consequence of overseas aggressiveness.

Neighborhood hearth crews have been not able to find the missing out on watercraft, fuelling even more news reviews that watercraft ended up being misplaced at sea. Structure analysts discovered similarities in between that loss and also an additional event 2 years previously.

A detailed browse via Mariotte-Pashler Counters, then followed via a go to to the area, situated the 2 watercrafts and also situated an unidentified, recently obscure mass deep beneath the appear of the Bay of Bengal.

Structure analysts have actually discovered the item is a sentient getting from an additional measurement. The objective would be to shield the globe from damage therefore the presence of SCP-3000 is actually the existence. Through the containment, the realm ended up being rapidly protected, and also recent containment treatments have been carried out in April 1972.

Is actually SCP 3000 harmful?

scp 3000 divers

SCP 3000 lives a seemingly sedentary existence via the impossibly big measurement however reviews have actually suggested that people watching otherwise merely obtaining near to the anomaly features precipitated unwanted effects. The animal is actually carnivorous in nature, will certainly step swiftly whenever supplying, and also won’t hesitate to take in people not far away whenever in demand of meals. 

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That ended up being found out whenever SCP despatched 3 divers to analyze and are available up near to SCP 3000. Upon approaching the animal, the 3 divers all of a sudden exhibited weird and also incoherent habits upon call making use of anomaly. SCP 3000 next began opening up the oral cavity and also taken in the 3 divers and also misplaced call making use of submarine.

SCP emits a thick darkish gray compound in elements of the head throughout supplying times. That compound ended up being categorized as Y-909 via SCP employees and may lengthen the efficiency of the inspiration’s amnestics. That features led the inspiration to place SCP 3000 as one in every of the many helpful SCP anomalies and also established the Atzak Process.

scp 3000

Exactly what is actually the Atzak Process?

The Atzak Process is actually a substitute for the conventional utilize of Structure amnestics via intentionally exposing Structure employees to Anantasheshna via sending out plunge groups to pick up y-909. The divers will certainly disembark from submarine Eremita next feed the enormous animal and also await 2.5 several hours previously it emits the darkish gray thick liquid is accumulated via all of them.  The compound y-909 is actually a extremely sought-after additive to the SCP structure’s amnestics program and also can not end up being developed synthetically. That makes SCP 3000 a essential property in recording and also securing additional SCP anomalies for the grand system of situations.


SCP 3000 is actually one in every of the scariest anomalies ever before found out. However the enigma trailing SCP compromising the have employees maintain products of y-909 is actually borderline unethical. It seems the SCP structure is actually much more all for conserving the company’s secrecy over the attainable lack of human existence.