Path of the Planebreaker Review

People in a city looking up to see a shining comet breaking through the sky.

Perhaps one of the most in style asked for setups for Dungeons &amplifier; Dragons 5th version features already been Planescape. Truly a environment when it comes to discovering the assorted airplanes of life when you look at the D&amplifier;D multiverse, yet on top of that to supplying planar websites for adventuring, it in addition produces factions as well as a residence base for personalities that go discovering.

We currently recognize that Planescape is actually coming when you look at the Loss of 2023. Yet just what whether you wish to look into the multiverse in the past Planescape is actually launched? Aside from the current D&amplifier;D launches Strixhaven: Educational program of Disarray, as well as Journeys By way of the Glowing Citadel, Monte Cook dinner Video games’ Planebreaker: Course of the Planebreaker is likely to be an choice for your needs.

Please note

We had been maybe not supplied a assessment replicate of that item, as well as We was functioning from a replica that We obtained. Whereas I actually have maybe not had actually the chance to make use of the fabric on this guide, We was aware of D&amplifier;D 5e, each as a athlete as well as as a DM.

 Planebreaker: Course of the Planebreaker

Professionals Bruce R. Cordell, Sean Okay. Reynolds, as well as Monte Cook dinner Innovative Supervisor Monte Cook dinner Designer Sean Okay. Reynolds
Handling Editor
Teri Litorco
Ray Vallese
Artwork Supervisor
Take Weiter
Javier P. Beltrán as well as Take Weiter
Cowl Musician Federico Musetti
Daniel’s Maps, Hugo Solis
Javier P. Beltrán, Bruce Brenneise, Olivia Valet-Stroud, Simon Carr, Domenico Cava, Biagio D’Alessandro, Sarah Dahlinger, Giuseppe De iure, Gaia Degl’Innocenti, Rachel Denton, Rael Dionisio, Angelica Donarini, Jason Engle, Michele Esposito, Michele Giorgi, Doruk Golcu, Joel Chaim Holtzman, Raph Herrera Lomotan, Russell Results, Federico Musetti, Mirco Paganessi, Roberto Pitturru, Riccardo Rullo, Joe Slucher, Lee Smith, Kim Sokol, Matteo Spirito, Darko Stojanovic, Chris Waller, Dan Watson

Actions in the Course

That assessment is actually based mostly in the PDF of Course of the Planebreaker. The item is actually 242 web pages lengthy, consisting of endpapers, a title web page, a credit reports web page, a dining table of materials, a solitary web page index, a complete web page OGL declaration, as well as advertisements for approaching Monte Cook dinner Video games choices, which on this situation consists of an approaching Planar Bestiary as well as Planar Personality Possibilities coming in 2023.

Course of the Planebreaker is actually formatted in an identical method to some other Monte Cook dinner Video games merchandise, meaning it features a 2 column style, but in addition features a working sidebar in the web pages via meanings otherwise web page recommendations to products stated when you look at the present area which have actually content material somewhere else when you look at the guide. There may be in addition plenty of brand-new art work that includes a selection of planar areas.

Determining the Course

Course of the Planebreaker is actually separated right into the adhering to areas:

  • A component 1: The Planebreaker’s Course
  • A component 2: Planar Areas
  • A component 3: Planar Briefs
  • A component 4: Beasts as well as Pathwalkers
  • A component 5: Personality Possibilities
  • A component 6: Planar Journeys
  • Right back Issue

Every of those components is actually damaged up right into phases. As an example, Planar Areas consists of twenty totally different phases, every one committed to a totally different planar place.

Technical Notations

The notations when you look at the sidebar, on top of that to supplying meanings, in addition give web page numbers for totally different beasts referenced, too as just what NPC stat shuts out to make use of for called animals. Different notations direct the viewers in direction of totally different sections of the guide the place some other areas is likely to be referenced, otherwise the place specific policies is likely to be housed.

The sidebars in planar areas in addition telephone call down the anticipated “risk-free” degree array for personalities checking out a planar place. In some circumstances, there would be more secure and a lot more risky areas when you look at the exact same planar areas, in some cases denoting the distinction in between settlements as well as some other areas of the planar place.

Every time a place is actually presented, there’s a listing of problem courses for expertise inspections that expose totally different volumes of data thereon place. The least expensive DCs frequently provide extensive folklore when it comes to a location, making use of the larger DCs including particular policies of magic otherwise planar rulers linked making use of the place.

A city wall, breached in one section, with a towering colossus of an alien humanoid above it in the distance.Just what Is actually the Planebreaker?

The unifying motif made use of for that function is actually the Planebreaker, a moon dimension, comet such as construction that hurtles by way of the multiverse. The Planebreaker splits when you look at the skies overhead a planar place, and afterwards inevitably rips by way of the planar perimeters, drawing particles through the present truth via it.

The Planebreaker leaves behind a path by way of the airplanes that shall be navigated as a suggests of journeying the airplanes. After Planebreaker very first gets here in a place, it could rainfall down particles, a few of that are Course Tokens, which permit personalities to show in the ephemeral course that graphes the wake up of the Planebreaker. As soon as a personality is actually in the Course, they may be able get through to totally different airplanes of life by means of strolling the Course, which permits all of them to traverse realities in a issue of certain hrs.

The Planebreaker alone features areas just like the Sea of Unpredictability, and that’s a physique of water that’s full of planar particles. This is certainly the placement most individuals materialize inside whenever they very first take a trip to the Planebreaker, as well as useful products shall be fished down of the placement by means of scavengers prepared to simply take the amount of time. You will find in addition planar whirlpools that give that work a bit of extra risky.

The Planebreaker in addition consists of the town of Timeborne, which incorporates the Worldswept Industry, the Interpreters’ Guild, while the Enclave of the Mantis. The Mantis is actually the enigmatic leader of Timeborne, just who frequently messages bounties that shall be gathered. Should you believed, “wow, that appears type of such as an preferrred residence base for adventurers,” properly, that’s just what I believed too.

That area provides that you lots to latch onto whenever utilizing it as a residence base. PCs could spend some time filtering for planar goodies, as well as in the event you tend to be sensation beneficiant, you are able to merely avoid the graphes when you look at the straight back of the guide as well as offered all of them one thing you desire all of them to have actually. The bounties tend to be wonderful for pressing the PCs when you look at the course of varied journeys. We such as every one of that.

Planar Areas

You will find twenty planar areas in-depth on this area, as well as We’m maybe not also mosting likely to attempt doing something yet give the shows. We will certainly direct down that in the event you just like the Dungeons &amplifier; Dragons cosmology, as well as that you put on’t wish roaming also removed from it, plenty of these planar areas tend to be bordered as getting surrounding to current airplanes in that cosmology.

The planar areas in-depth tend to be:

  • Citadel of the Destiny Eater (a demon lord’s citadel)
  • Erewhon (a node-based world that doesn’t enable fiends otherwise celestials to go into)
  • Etherguard (a metropolis when you look at the Ethereal in the straight back of an enormous creature, residence to atoning hags)
  • Stand of Crows (a area of the Shadowfell the place misplaced experiences would possibly expand in bushes)
  • Boundless Labyrinth (a damaged planar world that’s including several concepts gradually)
  • Laghris, the Burning Drops (a remnant of a ruined world the place lava exploration is actually a market)
  • Airplanes of Looking glass as well as Shade (a aircraft the place personalities would possibly run right into alternative models of themselves that remove 1 one more from life)
  • Penitentiary of Infinite Torment (an unbiased jail in Acheron that transforms inmates right into fluid steel)
  • Ramiah, the Celebrity Cutter (a aircraft that exists inside a spirit stealing artifact)
  • Positive (a transitive aircraft that may accessibility some other planets by way of the veins as well as arteries throughout the multiverse)
  • Savtua, the Swampy Mindscape (a aircraft occupied by means of lizardfolk, which shall be formed by means of the desire of these residing when you look at the aircraft)
  • Splintered Achieve (the remnant of thousands and thousands of ruined planets, positioned when you look at the Deep Ethereal)
  • Hurricane of the Styx (a planar twister that may be a demiplane real estate fiends lugged through the Styx)
  • Szneshnya, The Stark Winter season (an segregated elemental piece that’s residence to a abbey that research studies the residential properties of the aircraft because of their martial arts)
  • Burial place of Tomorrow (the burial place of a slain titan of times, the place times operates in totally different instructions)
  • Authoritarian of Battle (a enchanting struggle device developed by means of Heck, looked for after by means of a lot of)
  • Unithon, the Geometrical (a globe the place all the things is actually based mostly in easy geometrical forms)
  • Urian’s Stair (a location the place a holy contemplated their own unpredictability, which attracts spirit searchers)
  • Wreck of the Unimaginable (a demiplane that residences the wreck of a crashed technical starship)
  • Zarth of the 5 Towers (a world dominated by means of 5 competing mages, all making use of the titles of Depend otherwise Countess, via one-of-a-kind quirks to their own sub-realms)
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These planar areas advise me personally a bit of little bit of the Recursions from The Unusual, in which they have actually sufficient information for your needs to browse through as well as proceed, yet every one features their have continuous tale that athlete personalities might remain as well as settle, when they dig deep sufficient. The top of every area in addition consists of adventuring hooks for that planar place.

Whether a sourcebook right away features me personally pondering of marketing campaign a few ideas, that’s a great indication. Whether a sourcebook features me personally pondering of circumstances so as to add right into the marketing campaign that We was presently working, as quickly possible, as a result of it allows me personally settle a story hook We presented, that’s wonderful. Among the many selection of planar areas We located on this guide, We located one which really does that specifically for me personally. That is not shocking attributable to the variety of areas while the selection of concepts.

Aside from the Planar Areas, there’s a bit in Further Planar Areas, that are summed up in much less area than the earlier areas. Whereas the overhead planar areas tend to be every 4 otherwise 5 web pages of fabric, the planar areas on this area frequently simply take up when it comes to fifty percent a web page, summarizing just what is actually of be aware in that place. You will find an extra twenty areas on this area. Whereas the earlier areas frequently have actually some massive story that might simply take a number of classes to settle, nearly all these areas in addition have actually an continuous major story, yet one which could frequently end up being solved extra right away.

Brand new Beasts

A lot of the brand-new beasts presented on this guide tend to be linked to considered one of the planar areas, otherwise a minimum of linked to some motif presented when you look at the guide. The animals offer:

  • Accumulator (an air elemental product of lightning which will cut up right into several components)
  • Avernus Viewer (a adversary that may see as well as partly control capacity realities)
  • Divergent Cranium (undead through the graveyard of planets)
  • Ruin (self-replicating enforcers)
  • Elar (water elementals curved in the devastation of the Aboleth)
  • Hag Exile (hags in search of redemption for previous activities)
  • Inexorable (soaring demonic foot troopers)
  • Lava Husk (an elemental that kinds whenever a caster falls short to turn into a lich whereas utilizing elemental energies)
  • Brain Mold and mildew (psychic nourishing mold and mildew that produces head mold and mildew wraiths)
  • Nambu Bounty Seeker (bounty hunters via trademark equipment from a particular Prime Materials Airplane)
  • Nilim Shambler (dirt remnants from a far-off cosmos that may expand right into a risky unbiased build)
  • Course Mite (animals that seem like spread particles in the Course to assail vacationers)
  • Site Monster (dragons attracted to planar crossroads)
  • Primogenitor (insect-like aberrations through the starting of times)
  • Royal prince of Dirt (elemental nobles made up of planet as well as air)
  • Debris Revenant (undead gotten rid of in sewers otherwise trash dumps)
  • Thorn Professional dancer (plant animals sworn to protect some other crops)
  • Visitor Lead (individuals birthed via a cosmic map in their own pores and skin, functioning as planar overviews)
  • Xenophage (natives to Positive that try and cleanse the aircraft)

You will find in addition quite a lot of NPCs in-depth, a few of that are convenient power NPCs which might specific totally different CR models of stat shuts out that can be found somewhere else (Artisan, Ecclesiastic, Skilled, Understand Burglar), whereas a minimum of 1 embodies the symptom of Bluish Oyster Cult verses (Psychic Battle Pro).

This is certainly a reasonably excellent variety of aircraft connected beasts, though We’m all the time a bit of hesitant to make use of beasts that generate otherwise summon some other beasts. Whereas We such as plenty of these beasts (We could’t hold off to function a Hag Exile right into a tale, as an example), this will be the the very least impressive a part of the guide for me personally. That’s maybe not a massive downside, but, considering that you’ll find meaning that a lot of current planar animals to make use of that currently can be found when you look at the recreation.

An infernal fortress, with demonic winged beasts in the sky. There are gargoyles carved on many surfaces, and a bridge that spans flowing lava.Journeys

Whereas there’s a common story linked via many of the planar areas, the journeys consisted of when you look at the guide tend to be centered in the story of considered one of the areas introduced, whereas in addition bearing on a number of some other planar areas.

Authoritarian’s Important centers in discovering the components of a magic thing that may enable the PCs to locate the Authoritarian of Battle in the past one more company locates it as well as utilizes it to control the airplanes. Throughout that journey, they run throughout a multiversal company that exists to help keep any person from discovering the Authoritarian of Battle, too as an NPC that really wants to assistance all of them meaning that she will make the most of the Authoritarian of Battle herself. It provides some fascinating solutions as well as conflicting targets introduced by means of allied NPCs.

Saber, Ball, as well as Dice finds the PCs attempting to observe down a malfunctioning magic thing and that’s teleporting from place to place as well as dispersing disorder. Additionally to auto racing to totally different airplanes to attempt to go off the injury as well as doubtlessly capture the malfunctioning dice, the activities the PCs simply take could figure out just what type of magic thing the dice comes to be as soon as really repaired.

Athlete Possibilities

You will find brand-new types, subclasses, as well as spells introduced on this guide to stand for planar centered strategies.

Brand new Varieties:

  • Visitor
  • Chimeran
  • Inkarnate

Brand new Subclasses:

  • Disarray Cutter (Competitor)
  • Multiverse Domain name (Cleric)
  • Shade Stitched (Rogue)
  • Defacer (Occultist)


All of the types consisted of have actually the authentic 2014 discussion of getting a especially designated established of Capacity Rating Enhances figured out by means of types. The Visitor while the Inkarnate each have actually the conventional +2, +1 setup for statistic enhancement, meaning that it’s simple sufficient to adjust all of them to the foundations presented in Tasha’s Cauldron of The whole lot. The Chimeran could embrace the faculties from some other ancestries, meaning that in the event you play the types, that you aren’t going becoming shifting your own skill rating bonuses, yet you are able to usually embrace totally different faculties.

  • Tourists seem becoming human yet tend to be birthed via a map superimposed in their own pores and skin. They get the skill to locate the quintessential route option to products otherwise areas that enable for planar take a trip, they get a effectiveness perk to navigating any kind of surface, could get a perk to Int, Wis, otherwise Cha conserves quite a lot of instances equivalent to their own effectiveness perk, and so they have the gentle cantrip. At third degree, they may be able briefly vanish right into their own map till the start of their own subsequent transform.
  • Chimerans could ingest one thing from one more types, as well as over the training course of 10 mins, adjust their own faculties.
  • Inkarnates tend to be the bodily manifestations of glyphs that connect an idea. They have actually “airfoils,” that are the signs from which that you initially manifested as an idea, as well as they may be able end up being made use of as items, yet maybe not to fly. They get the skill to create psychic injury whenever clarifying to other individuals just how they have actually violated the idea which they embody, as well as at third degree, you are able to approve an additional pass away becoming included in an ability check always otherwise conserve, whenever you discuss just how the idea that you embody is actually in their own aspect.

These tend to be some fascinating planar aligned personalities. We particularly just like the Visitor, other than when it comes to identify. In between having a reputation to recognize a types that’s in addition made use of by means of societies when you look at the genuine globe, as well as headers such as “birthed human, yet totally different,” I believe it’s an regrettable organization. We put on’t assume it had been willful by means of any kind of suggests, it’s doubtlessly an situation.


Disarray blades tend to be much less when it comes to “exterior aircraft” disorder and a lot more when it comes to “confluence of several aspects” disorder. They could summon a tool at third degree product of “disorderly power.” This may also end up being a tool that utilizes ammunition. The tool fires generally, until that you rating a crucial struck, during which situation it modifications to an power kind.

The crit array boosts at seventh, as well as that you get a fly rate at that degree too, it’s restricted to trip on the transform until that you invest degrees of exhaustion. At tenth degree, you are able to show ribbons of elemental disorder that approve that you a perk in AC as well as conserves, which you are able to, once more, show extra than as soon as per quick otherwise lengthy relaxation in the event you energy it via a degree of exhaustion. At fifteenth degree, you are able to toss a fireball that’s thought about doing every type of elemental injury you could show, as well as in case your challenger is actually prone to some of all of them, they’re prone to injury from that assault. This is certainly one more quick otherwise lengthy relaxation skill you could gas via degrees of exhaustion. At 18th degree, that you get resistance to among the power varieties that you just had been immune to recently, that you get achieve, as well as as soon as per transform that you carry out additional elemental injury.

The Multiverse Domain name is actually extra when it comes to boundless probabilities as long as getting hooked up to details airplanes. That you get effectiveness in Arcana, as well as you are able to, quite a lot of instances per effectiveness perk, approve the Support of the Multiverse as a perk to a roll – until that you roll a 6 in the d6. At 2nd degree, you are able to make use of Route Divinity to discover a ability otherwise instrument effectiveness for 10 mins, just like you accessibility a variation of on your own that discovered that skill. At sixth degree, you are able to accessibility The Course as in the event you had actually a Course Token. At seventeenth degree, you are able to decide from quite a lot of capacities, manifesting the talents of one more variation of on your own for 1 min. The cleric “kicker” at eighth degree is actually perk tool injury.

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Shade Stitched rogues combine one thing else’s darkness to themselves at third degree, granting all of them quite a lot of cube to invest equivalent to two times their own effectiveness perk. You’ll be able to invest these to have actually your own darkness provide help to achieve circumstances, beginning via including cube to a check always that you give via effectiveness, utilising the darkness to execute a crafty activity, otherwise increase your own assault roll. At ninth degree, you are able to extent your own darkness as well as exchange locations via it (as much as 60 ft) and afterwards give an assault via benefit. You’ll be able to combine along with your darkness as well as get a trip rate at thirteenth degree, as well as at seventeenth degree you are able to show a CR 7 animal to stand for the animal whose darkness that you combined via.

The Defacer occultist learns energies linked making use of the Stand of Crows. That consists of a crow acquainted making use of the aberrant kind, while the development of a cover-up that will be your spellcasting concentrate, providing you with darkvision as well as getting a gaze assault as soon as per lengthy relaxation. At sixth degree, that you discover Deep Pep talk as well as protection to psychic injury whereas sporting the cover-up, as well as at tenth degree, that you get usage of the remove deal with incantation, and may solid it with out expending a incantation port as soon as per quick otherwise lengthy relaxation. At 14th degree, as soon as per quick otherwise lengthy relaxation, you are able to properly eradicate challengers to the Stand of Crows as well as inflict the consequences of the remove deal with incantation in all of them.

The Disarray Cutter really feels a bit of off to me personally, whether merely as a result of it will get no genuine injury kicker very early, as well as merely will get additional elemental injury below a slender circumstance. It really does get a heightened crit array quicker than some other subclasses with that said function, it really feels such as this course is actually a late bloomer for one which is actually when it comes to manifesting elemental energy. Quite a lot of extra current subclass style features revolved about investing a useful resource to obtain a subclass useful resource straight back, as well as degrees of exhaustion tend to be an fascinating approach to look into that, however the present exhaustion policies could turn into a demise spiral swiftly, particularly for a boxer that would swiftly find yourself providing up movement as well as inevitably precision of problems.

I really like the idea of the Multiverse cleric, yet We would certainly demand to play it observe in the event that cube control as well as some other impacts really felt such as they had been saying to the tale of the subclass. The Shade Stitched rogue while the Defacer occultist tend to be the massive champions for me personally, as they have actually some flavorful capacities that assist their own subclass “tale,” also in the event that rogue takes till ninth degree to actually zing right into equipment (and that’s maybe not the subclass’ negligence, it’s the location of rogue subclass degrees when you look at the 2014 policies).

In a shadowly, gnarled forest, the trees all have trunks and branches that suggest the appearance of faces.Spells as well as Feats

That guide presents 4 brand-new feats, as well as 8 brand-new spells. All of the feats on this record tend to be +1 to skill rating feats. The spells tend to be cut up in between 2nd, third, fifth, as well as seventh degree spells, as well as whereas they’re stated as getting located in a occultist’s spellbook, there is not an express course noted for all of them. That mentioned, among the subclasses when you look at the guide recommendation these spells.

2 of the feats entail utilizing ice otherwise lava to enlarge cope with performance. One more boosts your own skill to get through The Course as well as shortens your own times in between areas. The remaining task permits you to discover through the malleability of considered one of the airplanes introduced on this guide to discover the best way to show an thing down of truth alone.

The spells offer an up to date variation of the outdated third version staple, Perspective Support, yet renamed. There may be a incantation that permits you to take a trip to the looking glass corridors of considered one of the introduced airplanes, which might assist you to get a hold of a globe via an alternative variation of some body you already know residing there. Erasing some body’s deal with blinds all of them, enabling all of them a conserve as soon as per min to tremble off the consequences. You will find some other spells that start portals to fey crossroads, otherwise shuffle the leave of an current planar site. One in every of the largest capacity discomfort factors is actually the Unleash Ruin incantation, which summons a Ruin, considered one of the animals stated overhead that may proceed to summon some other Dooms, for 1 min. Additionally to attacking your own focus on, the much longer the Dooms stick about, the much bigger the possibility they need certainly to transform in the caster.


You will find twenty-five brand-new magic products, every one of which have actually a common planar motif, otherwise tend to be linked to considered one of the planar areas stated when you look at the guide. Perhaps one of the most fascinating products is actually the Celebrity Cutter, and that’s the tool that comprises considered one of the planar areas in-depth previously when you look at the guide.

One more fascinating factor to be aware on this area is spirit silver, and that’s noted in certain locations when you look at the guide as a capacity foreign money in some areas, is actually in-depth. Heart silver shall be infused right into a individual to heal all of them of injury, on top of that to their worth as a planar foreign money.

Stairway to Paradise

 Maybe not merely really does it have actually some wonderful a few ideas for journey hooks as well as areas, yet these areas also needs to rest conveniently beside the present planar solutions in D&amplifier;D 5e. 

You will find meaning that a lot of wonderful journey a few ideas on this guide, as well as whether you’ve gotten also a small rate of interest in having your own D&amplifier;D recreation take a trip to some other airplanes of life, you can see several hooks that may fireplace your own creative imagination. We such as that that item manages to construct their have planar mythology that nonetheless sits alongside the present D&amplifier;D mythology as well as recommendations it as a touchstone in a number of locations. Each place features a all set hook, meaning that it’s laborious maybe not to have actually an suggestion just what doing with that said place. Timeborne is actually a dotted homebase for a planar marketing campaign, while the nature of the Planebreaker suggests you could actually decline it right into a marketing campaign at any time when you wish to accomplish that.

Motorway to Heck

The beasts, whereas maybe not dangerous, didn’t fireplace my personal creative imagination as a lot due to the fact areas. We truly such as among the athlete’s solutions, yet We’m uncertain just how the Disarray Cutter must play, as well as We’m uncertain just what my personal take care of will be in a Multiverse cleric. We undoubtedly assume there’s a capacity situation making use of the Visitor types, a minimum of in idea. It’s unpreventable via meaning that a lot of planar areas as well as story hooks, yet certain of all of them dropped level for me personally. We’m merely maybe not that enamored of Unithon, the Geometrical, as an example, as well as Savtua appears like a amazing idea that doesn’t fairly carry residence just what it assures. Yet these tend to be certain a few ideas in a massive stew of principles.

Really helpful–In the event the item goes with to your extensive discipline of pc gaming rate of interests, you happen to be very likely to end up being completely happy via that acquisition.

Should you play D&amplifier;D and also any kind of rate of interest in planar take a trip, We hesitation that you would be disillusioned via that item. Maybe not merely really does it have actually some wonderful a few ideas for journey hooks as well as areas, yet these areas also needs to rest conveniently beside the present planar solutions in D&amplifier;D 5e. It will be really simple to action off the Course as well as find yourself going to a category at Strixhaven otherwise discovering the text in between considered one of the planar locales as well as their doable link to the Glowing Citadel.

Just what have actually already been some of your own preferred planar dream dietary supplements? Just what carry out that you such as when it comes to planar adventuring, as well as just what differentiates it from extra worldbound adventuring? We wish listen to from that you when you look at the reviews underneath!

That blog post is actually introduced for you by means of the remarkable patron Craig, assisting all of us considering that December 2017! Many thanks for assisting all of us maintain the stew fires going!