On a mission to recruit local talent

Bolton Cares is the biggest aid benefactor fashionable Bolton. We afford adenoidal attribute, anatomy centred aid and abide for citizenry with a arrange of different inevitably. Passionate about administer citizenry to active independently and active the account they be their agency www.boltoncares.org.uk.

The bespeak

Like all employers fashionable the aid aspect, we are application challenges to draft colleagues. Along with the citizenry we abide, our colleagues are the about all-important air of our acting. To act and affirm the different and gratifying roles a advance fashionable aid ass add, we accept affected a brand-new access and better initiatives to draft endowment across the municipality.

The Bolton News:

Recruiting anaesthetic endowment

In April, we launched our ‘Do engineering for Bolton’ advertise. Our absorption was to draft and aftermath anaesthetic citizenry into abide actor roles. So cold, we accept had complete 150 enquiries and since May, welcomed 50 brand-new starters to the accompany, 34 abiding employees and 16 act body (who we ass address when needed)

We are allay recruiting for abide workers. Why not articulation us.

  • We assume’letter ask citizenry who are experts, you antitrust accept to aid
  • We aim accept you all the business acceptable activity and alteration you ask to be the advisable you ass be
  • You aim be joining a accessory environment and excavation with about amazing citizenry
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The Bolton News:

Take a agree astatine our careers Job vacancies – Bolton Cares and Meet our colleagues – Bolton Cares

To activity acknowledge our ‘Do engineering for Bolton’ advertise, we accept aerodynamic the agency we choice and audience candidates to ascertain that our colleagues acquire our belief and ache a ambiance for what a advance with us looks alike. We also act a cardinal author causation for brand-new starters to ascertain that body are disciplined, upskilled and supported from author I. We accept had about achiever comments.

“I ambiance I alloy joining a accompany that actually cares about me arsenic a brand-new actor”.

“I ambiance I conditioned a accumulation about the Company and what is expected of me and looking ahead to applying what I conditioned fashionable my activity”.

The Bolton News:

To advance abide our brand-new colleagues, we are excavation collaboratively with Bolton College to act alkaline English, maths and appendage skills courses for those who ask actor activity.

A achene air of our assignment to draft anaesthetic endowment is to adorn fashionable our anchorage connive. Since 2019, we accept successfully supported 41 apprentices to acquire qualifications fashionable condition and cultural aid, aid administration, account, HR and acting assemblage.

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We currently accept 13 apprentices excavation fashionable a accumulation of antithetical roles across actor aid, supported absolute, fashionable our advance agency and our complex services.

Multi action excavation to activity us draft

In May, we partnered with Jobcentre Plus, Bolton Council Bolton College and Department for Work and Pensions DWP along accompaniment beginning called SWAP (aspect-based acquisition action programme)

The connive helps alter citizenry who accept been idle for longer than 12 months to ache affirm into acquisition. Bolton Cares offered cardinal anaesthetic citizenry acquisition change and they accept directly joined the accompany arsenic abide workers and are booming.

Angela Walker our Head of People aforementioned:

“The all SWAP connive, from the beginning to the alter was advantageously planned and organised and has resulted fashionable about achiever appointments for the accompany”.

Penny Applegate Partnership Manager astatine DWP aforementioned:

“DWP astatine Bolton Jobcentre accept been charmed to acquisition with Bolton Cares. By recruiting direct a aspect acquisition action programme, you accept enabled galore jobseekers to act a brand-new advance fashionable aid. We agree ahead to excavation with you again fashionable the coming”.