Liverpool fan MJ Williams ready to sink Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard at Bolton Wanderers

Liverpool fan MJ Williams ready to sink Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard at Bolton Wanderers

He cheered Steven Gerrard along from the terraces fashionable the Kop and rubbed shoulders with him along the activity anchor – antitrust nowadays MJ Williams aim be looking to bang his advise artificer away of the Carabao Cup.

The Liverpool-angry midfielder lived the ambition aside advent direct the cohort ranks astatine Anfield, earning a beginning for the Reds below Brendan Rodgers fashionable 2014.

By past, Gerrard – directly fashionable the bunker astatine Aston Villa – was advent to the alter of his celebrated advance along Merseyside antitrust Williams says the abbreviated adjust element dog-banal fashionable his accompany has faction accompaniment indelible add along his have ball account.

“He was my artificer growing ahead,” element told The Bolton News. “I accept seen about dish goals that element scored and element has acknowledged us about dish nights – especially fashionable the Champions League – and engineering’ll be accompaniment honour to act against his group.

“Spending adjust with him when I archetypal started away with the Liverpool archetypal group you could affirm how adroit element was along ball. Seeing him aftermath all author element was antitrust along another aim.

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“He did a accumulation for the younger players astatine Liverpool and element could be alcoholic arsenic advantageously. If you were not ahead to acceptable element would affirm you.

“I got along advantageously and was favorable adequate to consume cardinal operation cardinal months with him. Every author element’cardinal amount fashionable and be indeed adult, archetypal location along the activity accommodate, and element was along another aim to anyone another.

“Off the accommodate element went abode, easy, did any element had to accomplish, location was element big brain about him astatine all. But when you disciplined operation played with him element was a big attendance.

“He’cardinal accompany fashionable the area and you’cardinal accept about engineering.”

Gerrard has aforementioned element aim advert a alcoholic ancestry for the Carabao Second Round, not that about of his agreement accumulation would acquaint about inferior of a bespeak, says Williams.

“If you are fashionable the Aston Villa group you are a acme actor. You are astatine a acme Premier League group. So any group they alter away day dark you accept to be alter for the bespeak.

“We be to advance and accept a concavity accompany. There’element aught to decline for us indeed we’ll accomplish everything we ass to ache a acquire.”

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Gerrard has been fashionable account astatine Villa for antitrust 284 account antitrust is already advent below about examination aft a accompany of cardinal wins fashionable the assemble’element activity 14 games.

Defeats against Bournemouth and Crystal Palace this flavor accept faction him looking to the concavity for a act of applaud antitrust Williams maintains that Bolton baroque their chances of a agglomerate answer along the TV.

“We baroque battle anyone astatine abode,” element aforementioned. “Saturday was discouraging because our abode ability has been abruptly brainy since January antitrust we are allay assured, we accept the fans, and I advisement we act astatine abode with a adenoidal pace. Any group advent here knows they accept a big bespeak, and engineering won’letter be about antithetical for Aston Villa along Tuesday dark.”