Learn about the novelties that may affect your email marketing strategy in 2022

Learn about the novelties that may affect your email marketing strategy in 2022

Email Marketing in 2022 will continue to be one of the most important digital communication strategies for companies. The effectiveness, speed, scope, and visibility it offers can seldom be compared to other types of strategies. Brands in countless Miami businesses have learned to use it as an integral part of their marketing actions, and it will continue to reign in 2022.

Having Email Marketing strategies in 2022 will be vital to achieving all business objectives. However, to achieve results you must take into account several factors. This is, in this year 2022, there are elements that can significantly affect the performance of any email campaign.

Reputation, deliverability and profitability are just some of the factors that must be taken into account to have an effective Email Marketing strategy in 2022. Read on! Here at Cute Digital Media we explain them to you.

The true value of Email Marketing in 2022

Email Marketing in 2022 is loaded with novelties. The purpose will be to get new customers, but, above all, to retain existing ones. In fact, it is one of the most efficient channels to develop a good relationship with customers, create loyalty, interact, increase sales, and build trust.

The famous emails are important for brands or companies because they offer the opportunity to send newsletters and are an essential point in the growth and management of a business. In the year 2021, it has established itself as one of the most important customer-brand communication channels.

Despite its lasting existence, Email Marketing continues to be very relevant for companies due to various factors. The most important of these is the accessibility it offers. This is, the messages that a company sends reaches the recipients’ inbox on their mobile devices, which allows the company to be close to them at any time.

The use of smartphones in 2022 is going to increase the presence of this marketing strategy to ranks never seen before. Email Marketing in 2022 will be in direct contact with each stage of the customer relationship such as prospecting, lead nurturing, conversion, and the generation of loyalty towards a brand.

Among the objectives that a good Email Marketing strategy can achieve in 2022 are:

  • Brand awareness or publicize the business.
  • Sell and offer the products and services.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your market niche, which favors the image of the brand.
  • It converts much more than traditional social networks.
  • It is a fully customizable strategy, which makes it adaptable to any situation.
  • Helps increase cross-selling or upselling.
  • It is a completely accessible communication strategy for the majority of users worldwide.
  • It keeps the brand in the minds of consumers for a longer period.
  • Despite not being as fast a strategy as SMS Marketing can be, it is very fast in its deliverability and response.

Some are new regulations while others are fundamental aspects to effectively reach readers’ inboxes. All of these can affect open rates, profitability, deliverability, and sender reputation.

Reputation is the extent to which that IP address has acted in sending emails or not. In other words, it determines whether or not you are responsible for sending emails. Mail managers measure the capacity and relevance of IP addresses, as well as whether they are secure and hold a good reputation.

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When sending Email Marketing campaigns in 2022 you can choose between a shared or a dedicated one. The shared address is the sum of the reputation of all senders, meaning that a bad reputation from any of them will affect Email Marketing.

Dedicated IP means that there is only one owner of that address, meaning that it will only be negatively affected by the practices of that single person.

This is a composite result of IP address, domain reputation, SPF authentication, and bounce rate to date.

Additionally, it measures the actions of the user who is willing to establish a relationship and this can be measured by the times they open the email, click on a link, follow a CTA, forward the email, etc.

Being careful with the content marketing strategy, as well as with the subject of the email is key to being successful in 2022. You must avoid some words such as offers, discounts, etc., which can harm the remission of emails.

Getting the recipient’s attention from the initial moment and arousing their interest is essential. One must try to find a language that is appropriate for each type of customer.

A message that is quick and easy to read is better received. The central idea must be synthesized in a few words, a key element in Email Marketing in 2022. The texts manifested in the subjects that may sound very suspicious can send mail to the spam folder.

A very important factor that prevents emails from reaching their destination are databases with incorrect information such as email addresses. A single typo can bring down the entire strategy.

Sending emails in this situation can greatly affect Email Marketing in 2022 as it increases bounce rates with poor or low engagement. Moreover, at this point it depends on good customer segmentation, as well as a good record in the brand’s database. The essential action in this situation is ensuring that all client data arise from reliable spaces. An effective practice is to constantly update customer information.

Additionally, the introduction of updates to the GDPR regulation regarding Email Marketing also entails new responsibilities in the handling of personal data by companies. If commercial or other related communications are sent without the informed authorization of the user, they will probably end up in the trash folder without being opened.

Database quality is critical for Email Marketing in 2022. However, it is even more important to keep users informed about the roles and usage of their data. Above all, for them to know what rights they can exercise, and if they are willing to receive emails from a company or not.

Sending messages to unknown people or to those who do not want to receive our messages is counterproductive for the interests of the brand. That is why purchased or rented databases should be avoided at all costs.

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Among the novelties that affect Email Marketing in 2022 are those related to the rate of email openings. A good open rate will be determined by several reasons. For instance, by the frequency and time of the communications. This is a relative aspect that can vary from client to client as each person has their own schedules.

The ideal practice is sending customers content when they are free from their daily activities in order to avoid any possible disturbance. There is no fixed rule in this case; however, customer behaviors can be studied for Email Marketing strategies in 2022 to be applied correctly.

Sending emails in an unreasonable way is not well valued by companies. You must have a strategy behind each email sent instead of sending such for the sake of sending.

When an email is received, the first thing that catches one’s attention are the designs, images or videos if included. The copy or text goes to the background. Having eye-catching and high-quality images is crucial in order to generate interest; this will be one of the most important factors in Email Marketing in 2022.

It must be avoided that users classify the emails received as spam, since it affects the reputation of the company that sends them and, therefore, their openings and their deliverability. Also, this usually occurs when customers have not given permission to receive those emails.

In addition, we cannot ignore Apple’s newest update which will radically transform the way publishers use the e-mailing platform to reach their subscribers and potential customers.

In the search to provide greater privacy and protection for its users, Apple announced in June 2021 the implementation of Apple Privacy Protection.

What does it consist of? Mail Privacy Protection, a new feature available on iOS 15 devices, will welcome all users with a pop-up window inviting them to automatically protect their email activity. Hence, it is foreseeable that a large number of users will activate this function.

Once enabled, the feature will upload content privately in the background and hide users’ IP addresses, helping to determine the user’s location and create new profiles.

This means that publishers will not be able to accurately track their newsletter open rate in Apple Mail, which hurts both the metrics and the improvement of certain email campaigns.

While these Apple privacy changes will significantly hamper publishers’ email marketing efforts, this is in line with the industry-wide privacy changes that have been going on for a while.

In conclusion, Email Marketing in 2022 must be well structured and defined in order to avoid this type of setback. Having the explicit permission of users will be vital to comply with good practices in this type of strategy.

If you want to communicate effectively with your clients and create impressive campaigns, at Cute Digital Media we help you build an Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Strategy with which you can achieve all your goals. Contact us for a FREE consultation!

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