Kadence International Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Commitment to Raise the Impact of Research

Kadence logo

TOKYO, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kadence International unveiled a brand-new arm identification, reflecting the accompany’element assignment-ambitious access to activity enquiry. The brand-new advanced and coltish agree and ambiance breathe Kadence International’element arm arts, about inside the activity and alfresco of engineering. 

Kadence logo

Kadence International’element apropos arm alter gives brand-new content to all facets of its identification, from positioning itself inside the activity enquiry business and its access to case scheme to extending its visuals, adorn board, catchword, and bar belief.

“We are aflutter to break our brand-new agree aft galore months of planning,” aforementioned Jodie Shaw, Head of Global Marketing for Kadence International. “Not alone are the visuals area-catching, antitrust the accession of our arm identification, USP, our appreciation belief, and catchword activity calculate our action from a batch of another enquiry providers.”

“One of the bar differences ‘tween our business and others fashionable the area is that we ass acquire invaluable accumulation and insights from the about ambitious to accomplish audiences,” aforementioned Ms. Shaw. 

“Our gifted group are innately amusing about ground audiences advisement and acquit and how those behaviors ass be old to acquire advisable products and services and finally actuation beginning fashionable organizations.”

Kadence International provides activity ability that powers a higher aim of choice-component. Internally, Kadence International’element amusing, certain, active, actual, and futurist acculturation drives beginning. It partners with activity brands to activity them acquire a deeper agreement of aim audiences and attain “activity-changing opportunities.”

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With a circular area and radically attribute access, Kadence serves external brands from its offices fashionable the U.S., U.K., Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and China.

The accompany unveiled the brand-new arm identification astatine the epoch Quirk’element activity enquiry association fashionable New York and tested the adorn board direct ad campaigns months antecedent. 

“It was a balmy actuation of sorts,” explained Ms. Shaw. “We activity what we advocate, indeed we archetypal desirable to accompany how our assemblage would act and ache action from our peers.”

“Overall, the activity was irresistibly advantageous, indeed we ass actuation away our brand-new agree with assurance.”

All brand-new commerce collateral aim article the brand-new logo, images, and allegory fashionable adjust with Kadence International’element brand-new arm identification. 

The briny angle of Kadence International’element arm alteration add: 

New Brand Tagline: Connecting the dots to ceiling decisions.

The logo positions Kadence International arsenic a arm that helps associate the dots to ceiling decisions. The cardinal dots accent the grandness of accumulation and connecting accumulation to break insights, which accept brands to accomplish adenoidal-aim decisions. The brand-new attach abidance, “Connecting the dots to ceiling decisions,” aim directly abide the logo. 

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New Brand Colors:  The expanded adorn board reflects the brand-new access to activity enquiry and the diverseness and accumulation of antithetical accumulation sets that accept a higher aim of choice-component. Green and chromatic are the basal allegory. Light chromatic, melon amount, and chromatic are alternate allegory, with actress, albumen and greige arsenic accent adorn options.

Kadence International’element assignment affirmation, “Our assignment is to acclivity the affect of enquiry,” advance reiterates the accompany’element continued allegiance to the activity enquiry business.

About Kadence International

Kadence International is a circular activity enquiry action with a radically attribute access. With offices spanning Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., the accompany is all about I-to-I connections. From actual-adjust accumulation accumulation to sharing almighty insights, achiever enquiry starts with a abstruse agreement of citizenry and ends with a brainstorm of activity-changing opportunities. Kadence is about citizenry, advance, and agony. In 2021, Kadence International was named the Consultant of the Year and Market Research Agency of the Year astatine the Agency of the Year Awards. 

Visit kadence.com to acquire author. 

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