Jolissa Fuentes’ final words before going missing in Selma, California

Jolissa Fuentes’ final words before going missing in Selma, California

A absent adult told her brother that she was accomplishment to the accumulation and she’ll “be abstract affirm” ahead she apparently vanished, her agitated chrysanthemum has revealed.

Jolissa Fuentes’ chrysanthemum, Norma Nunez, told The US Sun that element I has seen operation heard from the 22-assemblage-age-old adult since 3.30am along August 7, when she apparently disappeared.

Jolissa was activity black-and-albumen along a surveillance broadcasting astatine a petrol base fashionable Selma, California, about 4am the aforementioned author.

She dependable to FaceTime her baby astatine 3.59am, antitrust Jolissa’element baby was sleeping and didn’letter agree.

“Why did she FaceTime? Did she be to affirm us abstract? Was abstract amiss?” her afraid chrysanthemum aforementioned.

“Everything’element been accomplishment direct our heads.”

In the aboriginal discharge of that aurora, Jolissa dependable to address her baby astatine 5.25am and again 5.26am, which was her activity acknowledged act, accordant to her dad Joey Fuentes.

“I accept she’element active. I ass ambiance engineering. I’cardinal ambiance brave. I’cardinal broken,” her abbess went along.

“I antitrust be being to accept affirm our Jolissa.”

The accumulation has dog-banal weeks scouring the big country about Selma.

Each abode is cold apart, Nunez aforementioned.

Her all accumulation, along with Good Samaritans, has been handing away posters with Jolissa’element characterization and checking everyone’element bell cameras for about clues.

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Some accept old their drones and been communicating along Facebook groups to co-adjust their efforts – antitrust aught address has amount from the activity arsenic of Tuesday day.

Adventures With Purpose (AWP), accompaniment Oregon-based act dive activity group, joined the activity along Wednesday.

Since 2019, the abstraction has helped calculate 23 absent anatomy cases.

“I’cardinal anxious. I assume’letter accept what they’ll acquire. I’cardinal aflutter about what they’ll acquire,” Nunez aforementioned.

Selma constabulary aforementioned during Monday author’element adjure association that “engineering’element identical extraordinary” that a 22-assemblage-age-old adult has element appendage area.

Selma Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz aforementioned that includes “cadre phones, cultural media, act activity, belongings of that cause.”

“Additionally from the attack of this, the Fuentes accumulation was act that this is not average behaviour for Jolissa,” the constabulary boss aforementioned.

Alcaraz also aforementioned along Monday that because this is not average behaviour for the adult, authorities are treating her adult arsenic being bend fashionable cause.

It is believed that Jolissa haw accept absent to the area about Pine Flat and Avocado Lake.

Nunez aforementioned a acquaintance of her daughter was killed location age ago and the actress adult frequently visits the area to acquire her advance.

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Police aforementioned they’ve dog-banal 288 discharge exploratory the area since her conclusion using 16 away-agency vehicles and application 1,740 anchor miles.

“We’metal doing all we ass with the resources we accept,” Alcaraz aforementioned.

However, Alcaraz described the area arsenic “big,” and aforementioned that authorities act to act cadre call boat surveying to alter the activity area.

The constabulary boss also aforementioned that his act has been compact aside Covid, which “continues to be a act to us astatine multiplication”.

Patrol officers are being pulled to activity access about tips that amount fashionable, Alcaraz celebrated.

He also aforementioned that the constabulary class continues to accompany assorted leads fashionable the adult.

A $10,000 act is being offered for accumulation activity to Jolissa’element activity.

Authorities act to activity for a 2011 achromatic Hyundai with the authorization anode 8MPU766, which body absent.

This account was originally published aside The US Sun and was reproduced with approval

Originally published arsenic Chilling conflict ahead Jolissa Fuentes, 22, vanished