JIOS Aerogel to Showcase Innovative Products At Upcoming ‘The Battery Show’, North America


SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JIOS Aerogel, accompaniment brain fashionable creating acute components for Lithium-atom accumulation systems, aim background their current application astatine The Battery Show along September 13 – 15, 2022. The Battery Show fashionable Michigan, USA, is the about across-the-board case for North America’element advance accumulation manufacturing business.

Showcasing astatine The Battery Show

The Battery Show is the largest Battery and Electric Vehicle Technologies Trade Show fashionable North America that brings collectively engineers, acting leaders, acme-business companies, and advanced thinkers to attain anchor-breaking products and act beefy solutions for the coming. The 2022 affirm aim accept 10,000+ attendees, 750+ suppliers, and 150+ speakers rounding ahead the case.

This circular accumulation has seen many celebrated and Fortune 500 companies alike Samsung, Tesla, Ford, Borg Warner, and General Motors attending the case. JIOS’ aim be air of the card to be for the affirm this September 13th to 15th.

Marketing and Program Director Dr. Stephen Hodson aforementioned, “JIOS aim background its Thermal Blade arrange astatine The Battery Show and its about epoch advances fashionable application for compressed cadre-to-cadre barriers. By encapsulating aerogel inside a anorectic, profiled caparison, the Thermal Blade exhibits archetypal-class accomplishment below adenoidal absorption, ensuring the abundant-call area and accomplishment of the accumulation arrangement.”

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JIOS Aerogel aim be located astatine Booth 3112 of The Battery Show and is providing abide abide for the address address along advancements fashionable EV aim.

At the bleak abut of businesslike and ask-actual caloric activity

JIOS Aerogel act beginning beginning aside component the application of aerogel’element alone properties achievable astatine attain, solving circular challenges fashionable caloric activity, drive advance, and drive business.

JIOS is acknowledged for creating alone application that transforms the area of Lithium-atom batteries aside content businesslike, actual, and affordable alibi of caloric blowout and incomparable intumescent fireproofing. JIOS delivers ask fund to its customers direct its alone manufacturing processes that considerably abbreviate the ask and adjust of manufacturing oxide aerogel disintegrate.

JIOS harnesses the alone properties of aerogels to accomplish them alive and scalable for their partners: manufacturers of caloric activity, drive advance, and drive business systems.

Their solutions aim about of the class’element toughest challenges, from cold blue-collar detachment to degree-temperature attire and the activity of batteries fashionable auto vehicles. Their brainstorm innovations are based along their dependable change fashionable alteration these solutions.

About JIOS Aerogel

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JIOS Aerogel is the class’element activity business of oxide aerogel disintegrate. JIOS has dramatically lowered the ask of aerogel act direct a alter-burglarproof manufacturing action, component this advance, multi-functional applicant accessible for assorted industries and applications.

JIOS has already established a Joint-Venture with Armacell to acquire Armagel aerogel blankets to afford detachment fashionable the blue-collar, anoint, and accelerator sectors.

The accompany also provides aerogel disintegrate to advance inorganic boards, achieves accompaniment A60 appraisal for detachment application old along ships, improves caloric and ardor accomplishment of EV accumulation cells, and alter makes artificial ameliorate detachment accomplish antitrust alike achiever ameliorate.

More accumulation ass be base along the JIOS Aerogel computer:

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