Jamie and Ashley’s florescent and fun May LGBTQ+ wedding at Greenhouse Lofts in Chicago

Jamie and Ashley’s florescent and fun May wedding at Greenhouse Lofts in Chicago

Jamie and also Ashley’s florescent and also enjoyable marriage ceremony befell throughout Would possibly at Greenhouse Lofts in Chicago. The pair communal their unique relationship tale that led to their unique pleasant interaction beneath. We’re nurturing one in all the bride-to-be’s florescent sneakers, as well as the attendants’ darkish orange clothes, which counterpoint the marriage ceremony attendants carrying lotion meets to suit the additional bride-to-be’s cream color marriage ceremony match paired via a white button-up t shirt and also camel-colored costume sneakers.

A white woman with dark brown hair's back is showing the back of a wedding gown with an open back being buttoned at top by white hands.

A Black woman with chin-length braided black hair putting on earrings. She's wearing a cream colored suit and a gold watch.

red socks, tan pants, camel brown dress shoes


Ashley and also Jamie fulfilled at function in winter season of 2016. They went across courses in occupied hallways and also didn’t have actually an precise discussion up until June 2018, whenever Ashley came visiting to Jamie’s function device and also mentioned, “We’re all going <blank> after function. Carry out you would like to come?” As well as Jamie mentioned sure with out hesitation! After function all of them moved midtown to Lalo’s for margarita pitchers and also dance. Ashley and also Jamie invested the whole night time dance and also just via every additional. Weeks handed and also caused by holiday, coaching and also timetables, Ashley and also Jamie only maintained missing out on every additional at function. Ashley as soon as made tiny speak pertaining to grilled cheese and also Jamie said that she can give it top. Their particular pal James informed Ashley “She suches as that you—women only put on’t speak pertaining to grilled cheese at 10 p.m.!” They by no means bought to speak pertaining to that night time at Lalo’s, yet every of all of them informed close friends “There’s only some thing pertaining to her…”

A white woman with wavy dark brown hair looks at camera with a closed-lip smile. She is wearing a beaded white wedding gown with capped sleeves.

Two Black women are looking at each other. One is adjusting her collar. She is wearing a cream-colored suit jacket and has braids or locs. She is smiling. The other Black woman is smiling. She has her dark brown hair in a relaxed up-do and is wearing a copper-red gown that looks like it's made of satin or something shiny. She has her hands open in front of her in a "Look at you!" expression.

Ultimately, Ashley got here in Jamie’s function device once again and also requested whether she ended up being cost-free to come back over after function, and also that her next-door neighbors and also a coworker or more have been mosting likely to that “Freak Simple” occasion from inside the metropolis. Jamie—undoubtedly fascinated, perplexed, yet perishing understand much more—fortunately concurred. They got here on the Freak Simple, a residence/stockroom surprise get together from inside the center of a peaceful road via policies created in a timber board: Permission is actually Essential, End up being considerate towards next-door neighbors. It ended up being a colourful and also pleasant area via reside songs, reside musicians art work appropriate before that you, experts respiratory fireplace only outdoors, and also they need to’ve had actually a powerful idea in maybe not switching from the AC because it ended up being the most popular night time of their unique lives. Following the night time finished about 6 a.m., their unique pal and also coworker Edith drove all of them house, yet for some weird motive, each in a foolish stupor, Jamie and also Ashley took a look at every additional from inside the backseat, and also jumped <blank> of the automobile at a purple gentle (securely) and also bumped into the grass sprinklers (in pants) giggling and also shouting!!

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first look on wedding day - a Black woman in a tan suit with black braids and a large red boutonniere stands in foreground while a white bride with long brown hair in a white wedding gown approaches from behind

Jamie kissed Ashley that early morning, and also once they got here at function several many hours afterwards, their unique manager introduced their unique brand-new function projects. Ashley and also Jamie took a look at every additional, every hosting right back a smile—whenever the guy introduced they have been “Cell Protection No. 1 and also Cell Protection No. 2.” They’d end up being functioning alongside with each other at the very least for subsequent 3 months, which ultimately become 6 months, which become a 12 months. A lovely allegory of just what their unique potential would certainly come getting. Ashley and also Jamie dropped right into a partnership not like any kind of they’ve ever before recognized, and also all of it began via “No Regulations,” their unique self-made structure of trust fund, interaction and disrespect for stereotypical norms of relationship, the personal “policies” and also how-tos of navigating a brand-new partnership. Their particular really love proceeded to grow by way of stating and also behaving exactly how they really felt from inside the minute, and also relying on it might all loss right into location.

Black wedding attendants of varying genders in cream suits and dark orange gowns for LGBTQ+ Chicago wedding

gay wedding with a Black woman in a cream suit and dark orange boutonniere holding hands with a white woman with long dark brown hair in a white veil and white wedding dress with capped sleeves. behind the couple is a wooden wedding arch with a white woman officiant in a dark orange dress. on either side of the marriers are women wearing dark orange gowns and holding vibrant wedding bouquets

lesbian couple kissing at wedding surrounded by their wedding guests. some are wearing tan suits and some are wearing shades of dark orange and cinnamon

wedding bouquet with shades of pink held by a person wearing a dark orange wedding attendant dress


At Lollapalooza in 2018, after numerous many hours of extreme, lengthy eye speak to, and also anticipating the correct minute, she couldn’t preserve it in any kind of much longer, Jamie informed Ashley she enjoyed her, and also Ashley mentioned she enjoyed her also whereas The Weeknd ended up being carrying out in Hutchinson Area. 2 years in a while October 16, 2020, in that place in Hutchinson Area, it ended up being in addition the location the place Ashley bought down in 1 leg and also requested Jamie to wed her. As well as Jamie responded, “Will you be f***ing significant?” Instants afterwards she discovered the correct sentences: “HELL YEAH.”

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wooden wedding arch decorated with tropical pink flowers

white woman with long brown hair wearing a white wedding gown with capped sleeves smiles and looks at the camera while holding a tropical bouquet of flowers in a shade of pinks and oranges

sign at wedding for signature cocktails

record guestbook so wedding guests can sign the record as the guest book. at the center of the record is the couple holding each other. to the side are gold and silver metallic markers.


The marriage ceremony highlighted classic, exotic and also vivid components consisting of vivid pink blossoms, orange linens, tones of orange and also copper robes for marriage ceremony attendants, all caught by way of vibrant picture taking.

wedding reception table with shades of orange linens and flowers

wedding reception table with shades of orange linens and flowers

wedding reception table with shades of orange linens and flowers

Look the directory of LGBTQ+ broad sellers.

Movie theater and also Video clip: CR News
Occasion Site: Greenhouse Lofts
Accomodations: Chicago Marriott at Clinical Area/UIC
Some other: Hotel Allegro
Some other: JW Marriott Chicago
Transport: M&M Limousine Services
Linens and also Coverings: BBJ Linen Chicago
2nd Shooter: Juancho SC Photography
Gallery: Alfred Caldwell Lily swimming pool
Layout and also Design: Atmosphere Events Group
Illumination: Atmosphere Events Group
Blossomy Developer: Atmosphere Events Group
DJ: Style Matters DJs
Caterer: Butter and also Creeping plant
Make-up Musician: Alyssa Diana Make-up
Hair Stylist: Blush and Braids Beauty Bar
Occasion Site: Garfield Conservatory
Occasion Coordinator: The Simply Elegant Group
Freelance photographer: Juancho SC Photography