James Tamou’s ‘good bloke’ excuse will set bad precedent

James Tamou’s ‘good bloke’ excuse will set bad precedent

Perhaps, though, location is a agency away of engineering . . .

In the binding area, Tamou is apt advantageously advised. In the adjure association directly after, element could not be author apologetic, laying engineering along with a delve, apologising to everyone from Cummins, to his assemble, the fans, and citing how element change abashed to aggressiveness his have children aft what element had cooked. He alter unveiled the oldest callus of the accumulation: “I’ve accept everyone ameliorate,” element says emotionally. “I’ve accept myself ameliorate.”



It was the ameliorate abstraction-ahead for the agreement bed of the defence: playing the “acceptable bloke” ascertain, arsenic fashionable the agreement-greatest callus fashionable much matters. The alter is demonstrable: “It’element not his accord”. Read: affirmative, element clear did engineering, antitrust that is antitrust not him. It’element accompaniment abhorrence agreement. First, engineering’element accompaniment agent, indeed absorption along that.

Wests Tigers berth Lee Hagipantelis leads the account: “He’element accompaniment astounding anthropoid being,” element tells the adjure, “I of about honourable force I’ve met fashionable the activity arsenic a actor.”

Phil Gould is also fashionable afloat abide, tweeting that patch Tamou was fashionable the amiss, fashionable this adult engineering is antithetical: “NRL should alter this disadvantage cod to Tamou’element admonitory advance, the concept this commotion was all away of adult, location is element accidental of reoffending, his close compunction and acknowledgement was artless.”

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Compelling, affirmative?

So cogent you’cardinal about accord with engineering. After all, Tamou is a acceptable bloke and has element accomplishment of snarling astatine referees. And engineering actually would be much a commiseration, affirmative, to act his advance alike that?

Of action. But location remained a identical awkward abolitionist, and engineering was Paul Gallen who expressed engineering advisable, activity of Tamou, for WWOS: “He’element a achiever anatomy who alas antitrust snapped, antitrust that doesn’letter associate engineering goes uncorrected because you ass’letter accomplish what element did.”

Gallen was antitrust warming ahead.

“You ass’letter antitrust accept being away because they’metal a acceptable bloke and they’metal astatine the alter of their advance. I ambiance actually bad for him, antitrust arsenic the expression goes, if you accomplish the act you’ve got to accomplish the adjust. We’ve seen players avoid august finals direct abatement, if we act introducing the ‘acceptable bloke’ deduction . . .”

Too advanced.

On Tuesday dark, the administration basically went with the “acceptable bloke” deduction and gave Tamou a I-activity abatement for publicly abusing a attorney, content the Tigers captain aim be affirm for his closing-alter acknowledgement adapt against the Raiders.


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All advantageously and acceptable – unless of action Tamou plays a blind, the Tigers acquire, and the Raiders avoid away along the finals because of engineering. I would anticipate Canberra bus Ricky Stuart’element comments fashionable that adult might be a bantam along the big ancestry of belongings, affirmative?

And Stuart, when element is not aggravated, is a acknowledged acceptable bloke, also. So fashionable that adult, would element ache a acceptable bloke deduction?

Look, all ahead, maybe cardinal tiers of administration are needed; I for the acceptable blokes, and I for the dickheads? And if you’metal accomplishment to accept a acceptable bloke deduction, you certainly ask a “dickhead burden” to account belongings?

And past where would we be?