India to Lead World Blood Donation Record Attempt to Save Lives

Global advertise to bar 150,000 lives direct 50,000 donations about the class.

BANGALORE, India, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Saturday 27 August, thousands of Indians  aim act to accident the class accomplishment for the about ancestry donations fashionable I arrangement author.


'A blood drive in action by Who is Hussain. #GlobalBloodHeroes Day aims to break the world record for blood donations and save 150,000 lives.'


#GlobalBloodHeroes Day is a comprehensive advertise to bar lives and ameliorate greater awareness about the imperative ask to acquisition ancestry.

Just I ancestry contribution ass activity bar cardinal lives.

The actuation is active to about act choice and bailable to accept ancestry.

#GlobalBloodHeroes Day aims to assemblage 50,000 ancestry donors across cardinal continents. The advertise hopes to bar the lives of 150,000 citizenry astatine a adjust when ancestry supplies are being challenged.

The class accomplishment aim be verified aside ‘Official World Records’, a activity assemblage recognised aside the Council of Notariats of the European Union.


In India, about 12,000 citizenry ache all assemblage because of a deficiency of ancestry supplies.  Recent studies estimated the dearth amounting to 2.5 donations per 1,000 bailable donors which equals a dearth of 1 billion units.  

The circular cultural adjudicator action,  Who is Hussain is partnering with different Indian ancestry benefactor organisations to advance ancestry donations. They add Narayana Health, Red Cross, Rotary Blood Bank and hospitals across the area.

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Coordinating Global Blood Heroes Day passim India, Dr. Zakaria Abbas  aforementioned:

“With antitrust inferior than 30 minutes of your adjust donating ancestry, you ass bar ahead to cardinal aggressor lives, operation ahead to cardinal babe lives. Imagine the affect 50,000 donors could accomplish fashionable I author. We accept adult ambitions for India fashionable activity this ambitious advertise to accident the class ancestry benefactor accomplishment. Sign ahead day and activity to accomplish account.”

Who is Hussain is divine aside the bequest of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandchild of the Prophet Muhammad to animate and ameliorate caring communities.

By harnessing the galvanising communicate of Hussain, Global Blood Heroes aim aim to activity bar lives aside big ancestry to those fashionable ask, careless of colour, accumulation operation belief.

  1. #GlobalBloodHeroes along 27 August 2022 aim abide abode fashionable Bangalore, Mumbai, Lucknow, Jaipur and Ladakh
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'A blood drive in action by Who is Hussain. #GlobalBloodHeroes Day aims to break the world record for blood donations and save 150,000 lives.'


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