How to find the best keywords in YouTube

YouTube has reached very high levels of use, becoming the most used and popular video social network in all of Miami and the world. This means that getting visibility for your audiovisuals is not always easy due to the presence of great competition. That is why you should put into practice some strategies for better positioning, and one of them is to conduct effective keyword research for YouTube. This network has also demonstrated a great capacity for human language analysis. Therefore, the usage of precise words that best suit users’ needs and search methods can greatly increase the exposure of your videos. That’s why from Cute Digital Media we prepared this article to give you a hand with a social network. Take notes!

Unlike other video networks, being there requires production, and that translates into money. It is logical to expect a profitability in relation to the investment. Beyond creating good audiovisual content, you should go the extra mile to reach an adequate audience. Additionally, a keyword research for YouTube will bring you these additional benefits:

  • Delve into the topics of your audience: by inquiring what the search terms of the users are, you will learn more about the interests of your followers or potential clients.
  • Improve the description of videos: by collecting a list of keywords you can optimize the writing by adjusting titles and descriptions that correlate to the needs of users. By using entire word groups in the writing of your videos, you will gain more opportunities to stand out.
  • Improve content planning: by having defined keywords you can improve the production of audiovisual content and plan how to achieve a better ranking on your channel.

Below, we present you the steps to find the ideal keywords for YouTube.

Use a structure that allows you to organize topics by topic categories that are directed to a specific audience. You may want to create general topic videos that are focused on words with high search volumes; however, having niche options can be more profitable.

The keywords with the highest volume of searches can be made up of others that are more focused on derived topics. Follow a process of organization by hierarchy and search for the appropriate keywords for each position.

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With your hierarchical organization in hand, it’s time to find the keywords for each topic. Your job is to locate which are the terms with the greatest potential that are related to your topics or content proposals. There are tools that you can use to do the search and analysis:

  • YouTube Search Bar: The autocomplete tool is a free option to locate some search terms. You will discover which are the words / phrases that users use most frequently. However, you will not know search volumes. This is a good option for doing preliminary search and then moving on to a keyword tool.
  • Morning Frame: This is an efficient tool as it specializes in searching for YouTube terms. It works by extracting a list of keywords from a related term or an inspiration video. Morning Frame can offer search volume and some expectations for ranking opportunities.
  • VidlQ: is a Chrome extension, it is installed and can cast results from every search you make on YouTube. Among the data it offers are: the metrics of the keywords and their score, other queries related to the topic, search volume, and tags of the best ranking videos. The data obtained can be exported in CSV files for better analysis.
  • Keyword Tool: it belongs to Google Suggest and it’s free. It is used to extract the keywords that come from the automatic suggestions of the search engine. It allows obtaining keywords as questions, with prepositions and hashtags.
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: it has different special features for YouTube to get keywords and metrics. It is based on the number of clicks meaning that you can learn the specific search volume of a video. It searches and analyzes up to ten thousand words, and offers both keyword ideas and opportunity expectations.
  • Answer the public: we recommend this tool if you need inspiration to get keywords. When using it you will need to enter a word and the tool will offer you a list of frequently asked questions that are related to that keyword.
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If you are already aware of what the search volume is, you will know what the potential is for a specific topic or topic categories. The next step is to discover what users looking for a certain keyword want to see. This requires a longer and more specific search, but just as important.

It consists of reviewing the first search results on YouTube for a specific term and detailing several things:

  • What is video content? what does it talk about, what problem does it address and what kind of information does it offer.
  • How is the writing of the title and description?: how many keywords are included in the texts, where are they located, and what are these texts about.
  • What is the general opinion of the users who have seen the video?: what ideas are manifested in the comments and if a response to those comments is provided.

This process serves to recognize good practices and also possible points of improvement where you could differentiate yourself from the rest. Reviewing what others are doing effectively is only a means for inspiration for finding an element that helps you differentiate yourself from other brands.

YouTube positioning encompasses other elements such as the creation of optimized and visually appealing content, effective creation of good playlists, avatars, and linkage to related videos to help increase your channel’s exposure. Keywords are the first step in a series of strategic actions that you should put into practice and later evaluate in order to measure its performance.

At this point, it is best to have the support of specialists in digital marketing and social media. Remember that if you are looking for a digital agency in Miami, here we are your ally! We have the necessary tools to help you undertake keyword analysis for your YouTube channel. Contact us!

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