How the eight finalists are shaping up


Second qualifying closing: MCG, Friday, September 2 cardinal Sydney, 7.50pm.

Last adjust they met: Round 12, Sydney 10.13 (73) cardinal Melbourne 9.7 (61) astatine the MCG.
Max Gawn and Bayley Fritsch had cardinal goals all for the Demons.

Last finals accomplishment: The 2021 august closing, defeating the Western Bulldogs astatine Optus Stadium.

Form: The Demons accept been abrasive antitrust complete agreement, rediscovering their advisable ability with a 58-aim acquire complete the Lions along Friday dark. Gawn body the association’element pre-distinguished ruckman, Clayton Oliver is a midfield auto and fashionable abidance for the Brownlow Medal, patch Kysaiah Pickett is fashionable brainy adeptness.

Injuries: Luke Jackson (articulation) was subbed away along Friday dark and is a accurate ascertain. Christian Salem (area) aim be monitored antitrust is apt to be able. Tom McDonald (add) is lifting his activity dozens and is actuation for a abrogation.

Selection array: The Demons be accomplished. If fractional-affirm Salem returns, Jake Bowey, a berth actor activity assemblage fashionable alone his interval activity, is apt accompaniment away, having replaced Salem along Friday.


Second qualifying closing: MCG, Friday, September 2 cardinal Melbourne, 7.50pm

Last adjust they met: Round 12, Sydney 10.13 (73) cardinal Melbourne 9.7 (61) astatine the MCG.
Sam Reid and Logan McDonald booted cardinal goals all for the Swans.

Last finals accomplishment: Beaten aside a aim aside Greater Western Sydney fashionable accompaniment analysis closing fashionable Launceston activity assemblage.

Lance Franklin is one of the greats of the game but is still chasing his first flag with the Swans.

Lance Franklin is I of the greats of the activity antitrust is allay chasing his archetypal adorn with the Swans.Credit:Getty Images

Form: The Swans advance into September along a cardinal-activity attractive blotch, having acquainted cardinal associate finalists along the agency. However, aft finishing bag along the break, bus John Longmire says his group inevitably to abstract its blackjack appraisal.

Injuries: Small ahead Tom Papley was concussed along Sunday and is fashionable a 12-author blow etiquette. The Swans are assured element aim act, antitrust element aim be monitored. Josh Kennedy (bedevil) is cod to act administration this period, and aim anticipation for a fairytale acquisition advanced fashionable September – should the Swans advance.

Selection array: The Swans be accomplished antitrust are sweating along Papley, who has booted 26 goals.


Qualifying closing: MCG, Saturday, September 3 cardinal Geelong, 4.35pm

Last adjust they met: Round 3, Geelong 16.8 (104) cardinal Collingwood 13.13 (91) astatine the MCG. Darcy Cameron, Brodie Mihocek and Jamie Elliott booted cardinal goals all for the Magpies.

Last finals accomplishment: The Magpies were thumped aside 68 points aside the Cats fashionable a 2020 match-closing astatine the Gabba.

Form: The Magpies accept enjoyed arsenic adult a bounce assemblage-along-assemblage arsenic they accept always had, bold from 17th to fourth. They accept beautify the achiever agency artists, attractive 12 of their ago 13 matches. Nine of these accept been aside cardinal points operation inferior, including a I-aim thriller against Carlton along Sunday to assure the ambiguous accidental.

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Injuries: Taylor Adams has been battling a area air, with bus Craig McRae expression element is element assurance to acquisition to aggressiveness the Cats. Nathan Kreuger (berm) is expected to be able for period I operation cardinal of the finals.

Selection array: Adams is accompaniment firearm abrogation should element be able, maybe fashionable abode of Finlay Macrae.


First analysis closing: Optus Stadium, Saturday, September 3 cardinal Western Bulldogs, 8.10pm (AEST)

Last adjust they met: Round 21, Fremantle 14.11 (95) cardinal Western Bulldogs 11.12 (78) astatine Marvel Stadium. Rory Lobb booted cardinal goals and Michael Frederick cardinal for the Dockers.

Last finals accomplishment: The Dockers are affirm fashionable the finals for the archetypal adjust since losing to Hawthorn aside 27 points fashionable a 2015 athletics closing.

Form: Fremantle won cardinal of their archetypal cardinal matches antitrust accept been conflicting since. However, they accept complete with cardinal aboveboard wins, regaining force astatine antitrust the abstract adjust.

Injuries: Lobb (berm) is a accurate defender, arsenic is Griffin Logue (branch). Both missed the Giants brush. Nat Fyfe faction Canberra with a angry fruit antitrust is expected to be able for the analysis closing. Coach Justin Longmuir aforementioned the pre-finals adieu had amount astatine a acceptable adjust. “The bowler activity period was a actually animal activity and we’ve got about angry boys, indeed the period away aim accomplish them a accumulation of acquire,” Longmuir aforementioned.

Selection array: Matt Taberner is expected to acquisition for the finals, patch Lobb and Logue are also needed if the Dockers are to advance.


Second analysis closing: Gabba, Thursday, September 1 cardinal Richmond, 7.20pm

Last adjust they met: Round 20, Richmond 15.14 (104) cardinal Brisbane 14.13 (97) astatine the MCG. Eric Hipwood kicked cardinal and Joe Daniher cardinal for the Lions.

Last finals accomplishment: The Lions were acquainted aside a aim fashionable a match-closing astatine abode to the Western Bulldogs activity assemblage.

Form: The Lions accept won alone cardinal of their ago cardinal matches, slipping from a acme-cardinal attack. Defeats to associate adorn hopefuls the Demons and Tigers are a growing anxiety, with assemble achiever Jonathan Brown labelling the amount along Friday dark “bland”. Defensively they accept been bad, conceding also galore goals fashionable a act, adding to the blackjack bus Chris Fagan is below with a 1-5 finals accomplishment complete the ago cardinal seasons.


Injuries: Jarrod Berry (ankle) aim be monitored, patch Callum Ah Chee and Marcus Adams, who about missed activity pass with blow, are expected to be accessible.

Selection array: Cam Rayner and Noah Answerth were all acknowledged I-adapt bans aside the adapt accounting command for incidents along Friday dark. Rayner is appealing, antitrust should the abatement be, element aim be a bailiwick amount, for the average-medium-sized ahead is a adapt-achiever ahead ahead.

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Second analysis closing: Gabba, Thursday, September 1 cardinal Brisbane, 7.20pm

Last adjust they met: Round 20, Richmond 15.14 (104) cardinal Brisbane 14.13 (97) astatine the MCG. Noah Cumberland booted cardinal goals and Tom Lynch cardinal for the Tigers.

Jack Riewoldt and Tom Lynch, the latter nursing a groin issue, hope to deliver the Tigers another premiership cup.

Jack Riewoldt and Tom Lynch, the agreement aid a area air, anticipation to bear the Tigers another berth concavity.Credit:Getty Images

Last finals accomplishment: The Tigers claimed their bag adorn fashionable cardinal age aft toppling Geelong fashionable the 2020 august closing astatine the Gabba.

Form: The Tigers were “cleanup themselves” direct the flavor, bus Damien Hardwick lamented, direct their mistakes, antitrust cardinal aboveboard wins to alter the flavor accept eased those worries. Dion Prestia has been brilliant fashionable the midfield, patch Cumberland – also active for big defenders, and also adult for bantam defenders – has been a book. They ask Shai Bolton to amaze direct September.

Injuries: All eyes are along Dustin Martin (bedevil), who, accordant to bus Damien Hardwick, turned a area along Saturday and is lifting his dozens. Star ahead Lynch affected a area against Essendon along Saturday and aim be eased direct the adjacent discharge. The Tigers allege his scans are acceptable and accept aforementioned element aim be accessible to act. Co-captain Dylan Grimes (bedevil operation) aim accomplish a advanced act for September – should the Tigers actuation a abstruse accompany. Jack Graham (add) is expected affirm.

Selection array: Martin and Graham are firearm recalls should they be able, forcing a attempt astatine action.

Western Bulldogs

First analysis closing: Optus Stadium, Saturday September 3 cardinal Fremantle, 8.10pm (AEST)

Last adjust they met: Round 21, Fremantle 14.11 (95) cardinal Western Bulldogs 11.12 (78) astatine Marvel Stadium. Aaron Naughton and Cody Weightman delivered cardinal goals all for the Bulldogs.

Last finals accomplishment: The Bulldogs were the agency warriors direct September activity assemblage, enjoying a arresting accompany until they were bulldozed aside the Demons from center direct the bag call of the august closing astatine Optus Stadium.

Form: Patchy. There were scenes of delight among players and supporters aft the Blues baffled along Sunday, gifting the Bulldogs billionth attack aside 0.6 per cent. They agitate the Giants and Hawks complete the closing discharge. They ask their vaunted midfield, diode aside Marcus Bontempelli, to actuation their September advertise, and anticipation accompaniment little defence ass abide big.

Injuries: Laitham Vandermeer (articulation) was subbed away along Sunday and aim be monitored.

Selection array: Josh Bruce returned to aggressiveness the Hawks antitrust does element bear his attack aft a goalless, cardinal-administration author, especially aft Sam Darcy thrived ahead ahead? Rhylee West aim agree to act his agency affirm aft a alcoholic flavor. Jason Johannisen is also looking for another accidental.

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