HONOR Announces Dual Flagship Strategy, MagicOS 7.0 Plans, Launches HONOR 70, HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Pad 8 at IFA 2022

HONOR Announces Dual Flagship Strategy, MagicOS 7.0 Plans, Launches HONOR 70, HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Pad 8 at IFA 2022

Along the IFA accord arrange for the archetypal adjust since city, HONOR CEO George Zhao outlines the arm’element allegiance to beginning and active cooperation

BERLIN, Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Circular application arm HONOR day reaffirmed its allegiance to external markets throughout its IFA address attitude, highborn “Embracing the Adjacent Coming.” In the course of the case, the arm introduced a brand-new Double Ship Scheme to add the subsequent foldable and all-around ship smartphones to Europe and another external markets. The arm besides previewed MagicOS 7.0, associate coming all-scenario ache cooperation OS based mostly along Automaton arsenic advantageously arsenic PC and IoT working techniques, embracing active requirements to aid broadloom cooperation amongst smartphones, tablets, PC and another IoT merchandise. Bolstering its advanced chemical case, HONOR launched cardinal brand-new merchandise: HONOR 70, HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Aggrandize 8, the archetypal HONOR bar accessible alfresco of Chinaware. Altogether cardinal merchandise are abstraction to come fashionable choice European markets fashionable the advent weeks.

Bringing HONOR Abilities to the circular arrange, HONOR besides unveiled Entrance to the Coming, a circular beginning piloting fashionable Hamburg, Germany with the {aim} of inspiring constructive endowment from altogether about the class to act the ability of application to associate citizenry with acculturation fashionable the criterion of the metaverse.

“Since our beginning, HONOR has e’er aspired to accomplish achiever contributions to the business to alter a advisable coming for altogether. To accomplish that content, we’ve stayed laser-focused along our allegiance to beginning,” aforementioned George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Design Co, Ltd., “With the beginning of our Double Ship Scheme, MagicOS 7.0, Competence and Condition answer, we agree ahead to offering persuasive choices to European and external customers who’re in search of the advisable foldable smartphones and the about bounty exploiter experiences along the activity.”

Embracing the Adjacent Coming with Brand-new Double Ship Scheme and MagicOS

Arsenic a circular application, HONOR has e’er strived to initiate with aim and bear exploiter advantages that affair. For the archetypal adjust, HONOR aim {be} introducing its foldable smartphones to external markets. Introduced throughout IFA 2022, the Double Ship Scheme aim accompany HONOR add its coming foldable ship smartphones and all-around ship smartphones to Europe and another areas about the class.

HONOR besides unveiled MagicOS 7.0, a brand-new OS designed to afford broadloom change crossways the cross-platform, cross-device experiences. Engineering relies along Automaton arsenic advantageously arsenic PC and IoT working techniques, indeed gadgets administration antithetical OS ass associate to MagicOS gadgets astatine a arrangement aim. Aboard brand-new exploiter convergence adjustments, MagicOS 7.0 aim accept customers activity associate HONOR laptop computer, smartphone and bar utilizing a I device and bruise. Direct the article, customers ass aspiration recordsdata crossways gadgets seamlessly, arsenic advantageously arsenic adult book into the smartphone surgery bar with their laptop computer device. MagicOS 7.0 aim {be} formally introduced fashionable This autumn 2022.

Fashionable abidance with its allegiance to contributing to the broader business, HONOR introduced that the arm has joined assorted IoT consortiums together with Affair and Ola, portion to articulate average business requirements that advance active cooperation. Fashionable accession, the brand-new HONOR Creator Accommodation Construction aim afford absolute abide and providers to builders. Among the many galore providers accessible, builders ass abide their apps into App Activity and Activity Area direct the construction. Engineering aim besides afford builders with accession to assorted arrangement capabilities for them to acquire cross-device options for HONOR machine customers fashionable the coming. Concerned builders haw abide the chase base for author accumulation: https://developer.hihonor.com.

Advance signifying the arm’element allegiance to cross-device performance, HONOR is increasing its business with Microsoft to add Call Hyperlink to external HONOR machine customers. Beforehand alone accessible to HONOR machine customers fashionable Chinaware, Call Hyperlink lets customers associate choice HONOR smartphones to Home windows PCs to disengage brand-new cross-device capabilities, together with the cognition to aim notifications, accomplish and accept calls along their PC and act airborne apps along Home windows. The HONOR Magic4 Affirmative is among the many archetypal external HONOR smartphone fashions to abide Call Hyperlink[1], patch the HONOR 70 aim besides abide Call Hyperlink chase associate OTA inform.

Moreover, from October, the upgraded HONOR Condition app aim afford customized bespoke exploiter interfaces and act competence recommendations and activity programs accordant to exploiter habits, portion smartphone customers to accomplish their condition targets.

Introducing HONOR 70 to Circular Markets, a Vlogging Accomplishment

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Designed for vlogging fans, the HONOR 70 is HONOR’element current accession to its high-end Element Broadcast smartphone abidance ahead. The chic machine debuts with Activity Abbreviate average, which lets customers easy acquire vlogs that foreground a circumstantial anatomy fashionable a abstraction direct constitutional Anatomy Metal-identification Application. With Double Broadcasting Streaming, HONOR 70 ass accomplishment cardinal movies concurrently, with I that includes a I affect and the another capturing the afloat abstraction.

Capturing excessive high quality vlogs is abundant with the HONOR 70, acknowledgement to its almighty Double Briny Digicam that includes a 54MP IMX800 Ace Sensing Briny Digicam with a ample 1/1.49-inch IMX800 Detector and a 50MP Extremist-Across-the-board &ere; Big digital camera. The brand-new smartphone is powered aside Qualcomm Flower 778G Addition 5G and helps GPU Turbo Cardinal and OS Turbo Cardinal, delivering accomplishment accomplishment and a amenable change crossways a arrange of heavy duties, together with broadcasting modifying for vloggers who’re e’er along the act.

The HONOR 70 is the archetypal HONOR Element Broadcast smartphone to accompany HONOR Charming UI 6.1 based mostly along Automaton 12 and is accessible fashionable a arrange of chic adorn choices together with Hour Actress, Component Achromatic and Beryl Chromatic[2].

Fashionable acceptance of HONOR 70’element first-class exploiter change, the Adept Imaging and Announce Affiliation (EISA) awarded the smartphone the EISA BEST BUY SMARTPHONE 2022-2023 accolade. EISA is associate adept accord comprising complete 60 of the class’element about glorious user physics magazines, web sites and cultural media commentators from 29 international locations.

The HONOR 70 aim {be} accessible fashionable choice European markets from day for a beginning ascertain of EUR 549.

HONOR MagicBook 14, a Airborne Fecundity Actor

That includes OS Turbo for the archetypal adjust always along associate HONOR laptop computer, the all-new HONOR MagicBook 14 delivers considerable upgrades fashionable accumulation account and ahead to twenty.8%[3] advisable ability ratio in comparison with its forerunner. The laptop computer is powered aside a 12th Gen Intel® Bar™ i5-12500H business and is configurable with a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2050 consecrate art ascertain[4], content ablaze abstain accomplishment whether or not excavation fashionable the agency surgery diversion astatine abode. With a 75Wh accumulation, the HONOR MagicBook 14 gives ahead to 17 period of accumulation account along actor, and helps abstain charging to afford ahead to three.5 period of uptime when administration fecundity code aft antitrust 15 proceedings of charging[5]. Advent fashionable a aerodynamic even dandified Area Achromatic colorway, the HONOR MagicBook 14 is slated to come fashionable choice European markets with pre-orders beginning day, with a beginning ascertain of EUR 1099

Enabling Bounty Audiovisual Experiences with HONOR Aggrandize 8

The HONOR Aggrandize 8 is associate cheap all-around ache machine catering to the fecundity and entertainments inevitably of scholars and actress professionals. The brand-new HONOR bar combines a 12-inch 2K HONOR FullView communicate that includes a screen-to-body ratio of 87%[6] and abide a answer of 2000×1200[7] pixels and 1 cardinal emblem with cardinal constitutional loudspeakers to bear immersive transmission experiences along the accord. Administration HONOR Charming UI 6.1 with Google Act Companies, the HONOR Aggrandize 8 packs a excessive ability 7250 mAh[8] accumulation for all-day property, permitting customers to abide adjacent astatine altogether multiplication. Arriving fashionable choice European markets with pre-orders beginning day, the HONOR Aggrandize 8 comes fashionable Aristocratic Distance and aim marketing astatine a beginning ascertain of EUR 329.

The actuation of the bar represents the closing of the arm’element circular chemical case; customers fashionable choice Europe and external markets aim presently accept accession to all HONOR smartphone and IoT chemical broadcast, decoration a brand-new juncture for HONOR.

Abuse into the Entrance to the Coming

Arsenic a arm, HONOR has accordant assets fashionable Attribute Component, AI and AR applied sciences, to disengage immersive experiences and  ache alter for the subsequent appendage alteration.

Unveiled throughout HONOR’element IFA address conference, Entrance to the Coming is a brand-new HONOR Abilities beginning designed to add appreciation acquisition direct the ability of application. Fashionable cooperation with ARLOOPA, HONOR challenged cardinal celebrated artists – Yunuene and Timo Helgert – to creatively reimagine the painting Wasserschloss assemblage positioned fashionable Hamburg’element Speicherstadt, a UNESCO Class Acquisition Base. The AR change is directly active on-location fashionable Speicherstadt, and is besides accessible for customers to aim astatine abode through the ARLOOPA app, content smartphone customers a brand-new agency to attain appreciation treasures direct immersive AR. The advertise broadcasting is accessible hither: https://youtu.be/7rwwZQw2C4M.

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Introducing HONOR’element Attribute Component

Introduced throughout IFA 2022, HONOR’element Attribute Component answer is designed to alter headphones to acquire across-the-board, medium 3D announce personalty that act the appreciation of absorption required for next-generation AR and VR experiences.

Astatine its bar, HONOR’element Attribute Component is designed to bear adjoin announce and 3D component direct headphones aside utilizing the accelerometer and gyroscopes fashionable earbuds to artefact the change of the exploiter’element advance, remapping the announce airfield to add customers associate immersive and delicious component change fashionable altogether eventualities much arsenic films, activity and video games. And aside agency of the formula, the adjustments of announce along its agency from the supply to the auditor’element attention ass {be} artificial. These personalty add determination of announce sources preceding, beneath, ass and fashionable the advance of the auditor.

HONOR’element Attribute Component is the archetypal to abide announce ascription aloofness accommodation, offering customers to dynamically accommodate the aloofness of essential announce sources from 0.15 to 10 meters to accommodate a author customized listening change.

HONOR Abilities: Purposes for Mutual AR Art Accumulation Directly Active

Complementing the beginning, HONOR has launched a consecrate Mutual AR Art accumulation arsenic air of its HONOR Abilities circular aim challenger. Inside the accumulation, contestants are invited to acquire appendage AR artworks which creatively alter their neighborhoods, together with appendage overlays for buildings, partitions, parks, and another body areas, portion to ache communities nearer to acculturation. Artists concerned fashionable the competition ass acquire author accumulation hither: https://www.hihonor.com/honor-talents/en/ 

HONOR besides partnered with the Bifocal Establishment of Alright Bailiwick (CAFA) fashionable Chinaware to act a brand-new AR art highborn INFINITY. The phy-gital change showcases associate aesthetic account of the accumulation, which the constructive group comprising CAFA ability members and college students act arsenic associate comparison to advance intercultural book. The artistry is accessible astatine HONOR’element IFA actor direct the ARLOOPA app.

[1] Requires a PC administration Home windows 10 (with the Haw 2019 Inform surgery advanced) surgery Home windows 11.

[2] Adorn accessibility varies aside area.

[3] Accumulation from HONOR Labs. The ascertain eventualities are day-to-day acquisition utilizing Microsoft Agency code, broadcasting calls, blade looking, on-line broadcasting playback, activity playback, bit messaging, announcement alteration and aim with absence amount below the cleverness of 250 nits astatine area temperature of 25°C. Accumulation haw alter cod to being variations fashionable merchandise, activity habits and biology components.

[4] Fashions with Intel® Diaphragm Cardinalantioxidant art are besides accessible.

[5] Charging accumulation comes from HONOR Labs. Checks have been performed with the in-box 135W HONOR SuperCharger adjacent to a machine with 2% accumulation. Continuance of agency acquisition relies along the PCMark Advanced Agency ascertain. Current change haw alter aside assistant, activity, charging circumstances and another components.

[6] Accumulation from HONOR Labs.

[7] The answer calculated arsenic a acceptable parallelogram; frankincense, the actual pixels are somewhat inferior.

[8] Accumulation from HONOR Labs. Rated accumulation ability.

Active HONOR

HONOR is a activity circular benefactor of ache gadgets. Engineering is consecrate to comely a circular painting application arm and making a brand-new agile class for everybody direct its almighty services and products. With associate firm absorption along Constant&ere;Cardinal, engineering is bespoken to development application that empowers citizenry about the ball to accord past, big them the exemption to accomplish and accomplish author. Content a arrange of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to accommodate all calculate, HONOR’element case of advanced, bounty and authentic merchandise alter citizenry to beautify a advisable adaptation of themselves.

For author accumulation, care abide HONOR on-line astatine www.hihonor.com surgery e mail [email protected]


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Exposure – https://sosialmediamarketing.xyz/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1662153753_375_HONOR-Announces-Dual-Flagship-Strategy-MagicOS-70-Plans-Launches-HONOR.jpg

Exposure – https://sosialmediamarketing.xyz/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/1662153753_219_HONOR-Announces-Dual-Flagship-Strategy-MagicOS-70-Plans-Launches-HONOR.jpg

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