Eternal Evolution Tier List – Best Characters to Use

Eternal Evolution character cards

Already been enjoying Everlasting Advancement however uncertain which personalities so as to add your occasion? That’s reasonable – discover an horrible whole lot of all of them! Nonetheless, our very own Everlasting Advancement rate listing is actually below to provide help to with that said. On this extremely lead, we’ve placed the personalities from S rate to D rate to provide help to identify exactly who to select as well as exactly who to miss.

Everlasting Advancement is actually a visually-stunning gacha RPG via MOBA-like deal with. That you gather heroes, give a occasion around of all of them, as well as improve all of them to just take in ever-more tough material. You realize, such as a traditional gacha.

To provide help to begin, we’ve placed collectively an inventory of Everlasting Advancement codes. Should you’re a follower of the category, we additionally advocate inspecting around our very own Memento Mori tier list, Dear, Ella tier list, as well as Dear, Ella codes.

Everlasting Advancement Rate Record

Currently, allow’s just take a consider the place we rate the personalities.


The honor for finest personalities when you look at the recreation most likely to…

  • Aniruddha
  • Bailey Hudson
  • Crete
  • Luke
  • Nadilus


Best gap-fillers in your occasion.

  • Bohr
  • Robot Mk. II
  • Hercules
  • Maple
  • Omar
  • Poluna
  • Rakkana
  • Randall
  • Rez
  • Serena
  • Sorietta
  • Taylor
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That you’ll really love these while in the very early recreation.

  • Artas
  • Hyupnos
  • Kae’Maw
  • Khalazza
  • Kuite
  • Langel
  • Muka
  • Murphyro
  • Oisa
  • Orn
  • Tiran
  • Zandar


Practical in a bind, however value exchanging around whenever you’ll.

  • You will find no C rate personalities only however.


Wear’t hassle via these.

  • You will find no D rate personalities only however.

Everlasting Advancement Rate Record FAQ

Currently that the purchase of our very own rate listing, we’ll address inquiries you almost certainly have actually.

Exactly how would The Rates Function?

The rates support rate the personalities from finest to worst. That’s rather clear for S rate as well as D rate, however exactly what’s the totally different in between A, B, as well as C? Properly, allow’s damage it down:

  • S Rate: These personalities tend to be the downright finest when you look at the recreation, and value attempting to unlock as promptly as you possibly can. They ought to be staples to your workforce, in addition to very first in line for personality upgrades.
  • A Rate: Personalities on this rate tend to be terrific solutions that may load voids to your workforce once you’re missing S rates. They’re able to additionally just take a long-term port, however only would possibly just take extra work in updating all of them.
  • B Rate: These personalities tend to be terrific while in the very early recreation, once you wear’t have actually the very best personalities unlocked. You can expect to like to switch all of them around once you’ve unlocked an A otherwise S although.
  • C Rate: In specific niche conditions, C rate personalities will likely be valuable. Usually although, that you’ll like to miss these in favour of far better solutions.
  • D Rate: These personalities tend to be dangerous in any respect factors while in the recreation, as well as that you’ll like to prevent utilizing all of them as a lot as you possibly can.
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Exactly how Performed We Make a decision regarding Positions?

We draw from plenty of totally different resources whenever choosing in our very own rate checklists. Mainly, it’s private expertise although. We play the recreation up until we’ve expert as long as we will of every personality as well as purchase it that method.

We additionally draw through the neighborhood – specially in Reddit the place enthusiastic members tend to be extremely singing in regards to their own preferred, as well as the very least preferred, personalities. This could aspect right into our very own placements.

Ultimately, we would consider various other rate checklists for a common opinion. All of them of those support notify our very own listing.

Whenever Carry out We Upgrade The Everlasting Advancement Rate Record?

We upgrade that rate listing alongside brand-new personality introductions as well as stability modifications, because meta could adjustment fairly significantly about these 2 occasions.

Thus, we would advocate bookmarking that web page as well as inspecting straight back commonly. That method, that you’ll at all times understand exactly who the very best as well as worst personalities tend to be.