Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Balloons for Your Wedding


Events and also celebrations bring in all situations cheery– consisting of balloons! Birthdays, gender reveals, involvement celebrations, bachelorette vacations, and also obviously, wedding celebrations are simply multiple occasions whenever balloons create an look at an occasion. For wedding celebrations specifically, balloons represent a festivity is actually taking place, producing happy reminiscences. However however, though balloons tend to be a enjoyable solution to have a good time, they’re perhaps not wonderful for surroundings. Savvy pairs must look for away eco-friendly wedding decor choices.

A considerable amount of plastic is actually littered by balloons, which frequently find yourself inside the sea, hurting wild animals. It provides turn into a prevalent downside, impacting pets therefore the surroundings throughout the planet. As well as whether aiding the surroundings is not sufficient of a cause to give consideration to choices to balloons, there’s a provide chain problem aswell. This will be on account of a helium scarcity caused by problems in Texas on the helium enrichment plant in January of 2022. Which means that for those who required one more reason to get various other wedding ceremony design, that submit is actually for your needs.

The best way to Enhance a Wedding ceremony With out Balloons

For wedding celebrations, decorations tend to be critical! You will find countless choices to balloons to create the wedding ceremony 1 the company won’t ever neglect. Event backdrops, event dining table centerpieces, walkways, and also send-offs tend to be samples of the place balloons tend to be utilized.

And then we recognize that savvy individuals really love balloons since they tend to be enjoyable, cheery, in addition to extremely cost effective. Which means that for those who’re trying to find cheap wedding decorations, that you’ll demand to get an acceptable alternate to balloons that succeeded’t damage the financial institution. Fortunately, we’ve received the right back, per ordinary.

Beneath we’ve got rounded up choices to the helium-filled, non-earth-friendly decorations. Via numerous chances to make use of balloons, we hope the a few ideas assist with potential preparation!

hanging lights

Putting up Wedding ceremony Lightings, Tealight Owners

Etsy • $71

Balloons get location during event in numerous locations. You’re the eating tables. Putting up lights tend to be sophisticated for every day otherwise nighttime wedding ceremony. Herbal tea lightings and also terrariums healthy right into the glass owners.

wedding backdrop

Wedding ceremony Background for Photographs

Etsy • $50

Company will certainly adore taking pictures before a event background. Etsy provides the alternative of customizing every poster, making it just how you desire. As a substitute of balloons, that design might be always kept for years following special occasion!

eucalyptus vase centerpiece

Eucalyptus &amplifier; Flower holder Centerpiece Equipment

Oriental Trading • $35

Centerpieces go inside the center of each event dining table. Some tend to be a lot more fancy as opposed to others, and easy eucalyptus will certainly preserve the tables sophisticated and also perhaps not frustrating.

wedding flower stand centerpieces

Wedding ceremony Blossom Stand Centerpieces

Amazon • $124

Perfectly established across the event otherwise event tables, these stands up tend to be classy. The gold otherwise silver rectangle-shaped stands up haven’t any decorations in all of them, providing the pair complimentary rein so as to add their particular selection of agreement in very top. Every acquisition will come via 4 stands up.

hanging burlap lanterns

Putting up Cloth Light Decor Established

Wayfair • $20

For stylish rustic wedding celebrations, dangling lanterns preserve the aesthetics quite and also on-theme. These paper lanterns can be found in a established of 2 and also might be installed overhead tables during event!

chair signs

Wedding ceremony Chair Indication Bride-to-be As well as Groom

Etsy • $20+

The bride-to-be therefore the groom should have the number one office chairs, via Etsy customizing is really straightforward to create hopes develop into truth. Classified office chairs tend to be wonderful picture ops of the pair.

reserved signs

Scheduled for Wedding ceremony Indications

Oriental Trading

The event otherwise event could take pleasure in scheduled indicators. A transparent solution to steer company out, providing the household much less anxiety in their particular youngsters’s huge day.

dried lavender

sky lanterns

Skies Lanterns

Etsy • $4

Best for company to devote illumination collectively to established off for potential marital relationship of the pair. Status 3 ft high making use of the alternative becoming composed in for a pleasant reminiscence!

streamers or ribbons

Streamers otherwise Ribbons


Backdrops, wedding bouquets, and also centerpieces might be extra via bow as design. Stylish for rustic otherwise boho wedding celebrations.

ribbon wands

Bow Wands

Oriental Trading • $20

Flawlessly special and easy send-off for newlyweds. Spending budget-friendly alternative for gorgeous photographs every visitor could get residence at the top of the night time.




An additional send-off chance otherwise post-ceremony to praise the pair. Bubbles tend to be classy and also cost effective at hand away to every visitor. As well as every person really loves to strike bubbles!



Etsy • $59

Kites tend to be an gratifying exercise otherwise design. Incorporating a completely different rotate to the event otherwise event, company will certainly recognize the creative thinking added to the design.



Etsy • $18+

Banners tend to be wonderful for adorning and also guiding. Labeling the event location and also times, the meals and also cocktails subject, otherwise welcoming the company to the wedding ceremony. A souvenir for pair as a tip of at the present time.




A cost-effective solution to load the area via an alternative choice to balloons. Put on the event otherwise event, countless chances tend to be offered for bunting of numerous colours and also types.

Some other Eco-friendly Balloon Substitutes

One in every of the the very least environmentally-friendly elements of balloons with regards to occasions is actually whenever get together throwers perform balloon launches. Launching balloons of any kind of materials right into the air is actually unsafe and also reckless. Think about an eco-friendly alternative like every of the types provided overhead, otherwise look for away eco-friendly balloons for your forthcoming get together otherwise festivity!

We hope these a few ideas will keep wedding ceremony as eco-friendly that you can!

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