Dead Cells announces Everyone is Here Vol. II update

Dead Cells Everyone is Here Vol. II update

Dead Cells Everyone is Here Vol. II update

Authentic (11/7): Dead Cells carries on to launch brand new material, and also a brand new Everyone seems to be Right here Vol. II upgrade features only already been uncovered. The spot only went live to tell the tale PC, and also is actually “coming quickly to gaming consoles” – consisting of Switch over.

Everyone seems to be Right here Vol. II characteristics the current established of crossovers. People could accessibility tools, abilities, and also skins from Terraria, Threat of Storm, Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Katana No, and also Slay the Spire.

Underneath tend to be the complete spot notes:

Vital characteristics

  • 6 brand new Outfits and also Tools primarily based in 6 independent video games crossovers!
  • Shovel Knight
    Brand new Cruelty Tool: King Scepter. Resemble King Knight because dashboard about and also soar in your adversaries’ head.
    Brand new Shovel Knight Dress.
  • Hotline Miami
    Brand new Cruelty/Survival Tool: Baseball Baseball bat. Assault a surprised otherwise rooted opponent to bargain showy vital harm.
    Brand new Modernized Bomber Dress.
  • Katana No
    Brand new Strategy/Survival Tool: Throwable Things. Decide up every little thing you are able to discover on floor and also chuck it at your own foes via your entire toughness!
    Brand new No Dress.
  • Threat of Storm 2
    Brand new Cruelty/Strategy Tool: Laser Glaive. Toss a searching for glaive that bounces as much as a specific amount of instances for a specific amount of harm. Injury boosts by way of a specific amount per soar.
    Brand new Task force Dress.
  • Terraria
    Brand new Cruelty/Strategy Tool: Starfury. Every melee struck summons a celebrity concentrating on a close by crowd. Create all of them rainfall!
    Brand new Knowledgeable Dress.
  • Slay the Spire
    Brand new Anemic Energy: Assorted Patio. This’s a doozy to describe, take via me personally right here. The patio is actually made up of 4 totally different playing cards, every via a Draw, Easy and also Discard impact. The present card features their Easy in impact completely, press the ability key once again to Discard it and also Draw next 1, motivating the being consistent results.
    Brand new Unwavering Dress.
  • 6 brand new Lore Spaces, primarily based in iconic in-game areas, to unlock the tools!
  • 6 brand new entrances when you look at the Strange E book to unlock the outfits!


  • Decreased changed Times Keeper’s HP.
  • Well balanced changed bosses’ HP whenever at greater BC degrees, by way of including a existence decrease of 5% per BC, from BC2 and also onward (as much as -20% in BC5).
  • Got rid of some mutations from Employer Surge :
    – Gastronomy
    – Alienation
    – Receive Abundant Fast
    – Midas Blood
    – Approval
  • Boosted Employer Surge tool stage by way of +1.

Insect solutions

  • Repaired a accident whenever getting into the initial door of Employer Surge.
  • Repaired the athlete perhaps not taking any kind of harm whenever in Pollo Energy.
  • Repaired with the ability to miss Concierge via Airfoils of the Crow.
  • Repaired Product Pedestals in Employer Surge often perhaps not having the correct colour otherwise equipment stage.
  • Repaired Queen often becoming adhered after becoming assaulted by way of turrets.
  • Repaired the Dress Choice UI becoming cracked in excessive resolutions.
  • Repaired Dream working with Seeker’s Explosive otherwise Blueprint Extractor.
  • Repaired Seeker’s Explosive acquiring undesirable stat ups whenever eliminating a remodeled opponent with out utilising the Blueprint Extractor.
  • Repaired a accident whenever leaping in a Tough via Porcupack as well as the Goomba Stomp attach geared up.
  • Repaired Tentacles attacking throughout Cunjunctuvius’ yell, in Employer Surge.
  • Repaired athlete taking harm whenever Queen destroys a deployable.
  • Repaired things from Everyone seems to be Right here lore spaces perhaps not matching the present Significant Build progression.
  • Repaired the “Fires an arrowhead” affixes presenting destructive harm in particular tools.
  • Repaired scarves and also capes presenting trailing props and also NPCs.
  • Repaired a visible downside with all the Nutcracker’s animations.
  • Repaired the “+15% harm” attach perhaps not presenting when you look at the DPS arithmetic.
  • Got rid of a little white line beneath some adversaries’ HP bar.
  • Repaired the Git Gud lore space perhaps not spawning adversaries as designated whenever producing in Old Sewers.
  • Repaired Facets perhaps not disabling Huge’s Remarkable Dress.
  • Repaired Crowbar perhaps not acquiring crits whenever destroying a door via Lightspeed.
  • Repaired history ceramic tiles in The Dental crown perhaps not producing appropriately.
  • Repaired reforging modifiers in a two-handed tool resetting their counterpart’s top quality stage.
  • Repaired Hattori’s Katana dashboard strike perhaps not scaling appropriately.
  • Repaired Difficulty Rift portals aesthetic glitch.

As well as right here’s a trailer for your Everyone seems to be Right here Vol. II upgrade in Useless Cells:

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We’ll you should definitely allow you recognize as soon as the brand new spot goes live to tell the tale Switch over.

Upgrade (11/17): Switch over people could install the Everyone seems to be Right here Vol. II upgrade currently.