Chasme + Water Elemental – Monster Combo

Chasme + Water Elemental – Monster Combo

Content material advising (CW): mosquitos

Welcome to Beast Combination, a sequence of write-ups by which we are going to make some backstory, encounters, varieties, and also a little of lore for beasts from completely different video games and also styles. From Lovecraftian terror and also middle ages dream animals to sci-fi cyborgs and peculiar facilities. That sequence is keep system impartial which means that you can easily get these some ideas and also port all of them to any kind of recreation of one’s taste. Whether you will find statistics for creature we are going to opposite developer just what the animal is sweet at and employ their lore otherwise make our personal to put on to our very own some ideas. Swipe all you want from these and also recommend your own personal some ideas otherwise combos inside the remarks!


To begin via, We chose to start the 5e Beast Hand-operated in 2 arbitrary web pages. We obtained the Chasme in addition to Water Elemental since the chose beasts. Okay… We might go 2 methods when it comes to that. Possibly we make a fight in between these demonic mosquitoes vs the water elementals, otherwise we mash the 2 beasts right into 1. Whereas perhaps not unhealthy, the very first suggestion didn’t persuade myself adequate. We would certainly need certainly to recur to the common 2 cultist teams invoking beasts that battle in opposition to every different.  The 2nd suggestion, nevertheless, made a way more fascinating idea in my personal head. A demonic mosquito made aside of water really does audio intriguing.

Beast Summary


Chasmes tend to be massive mosquitoes from D&amplifier;D that come through the Void. In different sentences, they’re demonic animals, and also put on’t typically look to torment men and women until they’re invoked by means of some one. They have actually 2 really fascinating capacities. Drone develops a droning audio which means that horrid it will possibly decrease their adversaries subconscious. Furthermore, it has actually a proboscis assault to draw the existence aside of their adversaries, making all of them weaker. In D&amplifier;D, there is absolutely no sparing toss to perhaps not receive deteriorated (have actually their own max hp decreased till an extended relaxation), making that means terrifying.

The lore of those animals signifies they’re clever, usually utilized as interrogators otherwise taskmasters. We individually put on’t dig this idea which means that a lot with all the head cannon We produced for my personal brand new water mosquitoes, which means that the audience is mosting likely to scrape that. These tend to be going becoming clever adequate to comply with orders and also just take breeze selections, yet that’s when it comes to it. Currently, just what else could we include to those animals by means of integrating all of them via a water elemental?

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Water Elemental

Water elementals tend to be dwelling body systems of water that swirl and also engulf animals in their own course. They typically have actually a disorderly perspective and are also introduced from the fundamental airplane by means of a conjurer. Many fascinating factor they have actually is these elemental beings could keep inside the exact same location as different animals and also whelm all of them, having these bad targets drown inside the dwelling water. In addition get a hold of it fairly stupid they put on’t have actually any kind of trait to turn out to be unnoticeable in regular water. Allow’s include that to all of them!

Just what whether we chose the chasme ended up being made aside of water? That makes it way more fascinating. Just what’s a lot more, the fundamental typically attempts to suffocate their own target within themselves. Chasmes, regarding the different hand, drainpipe blood from their own adversaries. Via integrating the 2, we will have actually a mosquito that pulls the air aside of their own adversaries. Simply that currently develops a perturbing photo to your head, best? That suggests the audience is strolling the correct course via this concept. As that ended up being perhaps not adequate, why perhaps not give these large water mosquitos elemental beings as a substitute of demons?


Considering that each animals tend to be typically invoked right into our very own globe, we’ll go with all the timeless cultist team. That in addition makes it really straightforward to adjust to any kind of type of environment, as cultists that make beasts from primal vitality might be discovered anyplace (sci-fi is actually a little strange, yet might be extended to permit some thing such as this with out cracking immersion). As these “air-suckers” (for an absence of much better identify) tend to be elemental beings, the cultists are through the Cult of Elemental Turmoil. D&amplifier;D has actually a lot of experiences that function these, which means that We would certainly suggest stealing some ideas from there. We, nevertheless, have actually my very own individual factor considered aside for that run into.

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Since the air-suckers tend to be made aside of water, cultists invoke all of them in cities and also communities beside dams. Next, they go ahead to collapse the dam, releasing gallons and also gallons of water, adequate to flooding your complete area. Whereas the townsfolk move and also disguise within their own homes, water starts to interrupt in. The air-suckers take a trip invisibly inside the water, requiring the townsfolk to have inside the water and just have their own air drained. In case you tend to be enjoying D&amplifier;D otherwise an analogous RPG, look at the chasme only made an assault roll, and also when it struck, that implied they may drainpipe blood from their own adversaries, no sparing toss called for. Taking ideas from that, the audience is mosting likely to give it to ensure whenever an assault through the air-sucker strikes, the target instantaneously beginnings suffocating.

The cultist team tend to be fanatics just who imagine that civilizations tend to be a method to make purchase. Since the globe ended up being produced by means of pure mayhem, it must be left that approach for heaven to can be found. No heaven might be produced by means of implementing purchase and also regulations, hence civilizations shall perish. Pro personalities require to cease that cultist team from getting rid of every person on the town, whereas the air-suckers assail all of them coming through the waist-high stage of water left by means of the damaged dam.

Just what would you’re thinking that of that chasme + water elemental combination? We’m quite certain you can easily generate a much better identify than ‘áir-suckers’ for these beasts, yet after per week that’s the greatest We might generate. Which system would you’re thinking that greatest in shape these beasts and also why? Allow myself recognize all when it comes to it inside the remarks beneath!

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