Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Update Patch Notes

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Update

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 update features released as we speak in addition to somewhat extensive spot notes define all the adjustments Infinity Ward and also the lovers have actually made only 3 weeks following the video game was actually launched. At the same time since the new-style Battle Pass, maps, Driver, and also items, you’ll find an abundance of gameplay remodelings and also tweaks, consisting of item nerfs.

Modern-day Warfare 2 Period 1 upgrade spot notes

The complete Modern-day Warfare 2 Period 1 upgrade patch notes tend to be somewhat extensive, which means that ensure to order a alcoholic beverage and also receive comfortable.


Period 01 signs the launch of our very own all brand-new Fight Move, during which participants tend to be in a position to determine the incentives they need as they development. Whereas you’ll find 100+ rates, that brand-new map layout enables for individualized development via unlocks. Participants can even development via Fight Tokens Rate Skips.


Our very own Period 01 items decline operates the gamut of playstyles, through the excessive performance BAS-P Submachine Weapon, to the hard-hitting Victus XMR Sniper Rifle. Mid-range deal with is actually all the time an alternative using the incredibly steady and also excessive charge of fireplace M13B… for those who tend to be approximately the obstacle of unlocking it. These brand-new Items will certainly broaden Loadout capacities to cowl all of the amazing brand-new methods Period 01 features to present.


  • Participants could currently development past stage 55 and also secure Stature incentives. In season development is not going to totally reset.


  • Below’s exactly what can be dwell into the keep in Day 1 of Period 01:
    • Government Warfighter
    • Terrible Welcome
    • Nuclear Dawn
    • Tactical Human
    • CDL Launch Load


Victus XMR: Sniper Rifle

  • Cost-free Item acquirable through the Period 01 Fight Move (A15)

BAS-P: Submachine Weapon

  • Cost-free Item acquirable through the Period 01 Fight Move (A6)

M13B: Attack Rifle

  • Unlocked through Save Package otherwise Item Unlock Difficulty


Attack Rifles

  • Enlarge to lengthy range flinch in all Attack Rifles

Kastov 545 

  • ADS performance greatly enhance
  • Boosted ironsight ADS view photo


  • ADS performance reduce
  • Hip dispersed greatly enhance



  • Charge of fireplace greatly enhance
  • Hip dispersed decrease
  • Recoil recenter performance greatly enhance
  • Shot grouping renovation
  • Enlarge ADS motion performance
  • Enlarge strafing motion performance
  • Semi car recoil decrease
  • Semi car injury decrease

STB 556

  • Shut vary injury decrease
  • Minimized run to fireside performance

Fight Rifles

FTac Recon 

  • ADS performance renovation
  • 5 spherical publication – performance and also taking care of renovation
  • Boosted flinch brought on via bullets
  • Hip dispersed reduce


  • Boosted hip hearth whenever complete car


  • Enlarge to shut vary flinch in all Handguns

Mild Device Weapons

  • Enlarge to lengthy range flinch in all Mild Device Weapons

Marksman Rifles

Lockwood 300

SA-B 50

  • Slight greatly enhance to flinch whenever struck

SP-R 208

  • Giant greatly enhance to flinch whenever struck


  • Enlarge to shut vary flinch in all Shotguns

Bryson 800

  • Shut vary injury greatly enhance
  • Hip dispersed greatly enhance
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Submachine Weapons

  • Enlarge to lengthy range flinch in all Submachine Weapons

FFS Typhoon

  • ADS action performance greatly enhance
  • Boosted headshot injury
  • Boosted much injury vary


  • Motion performance reduce
  • Harm vary reduce
  • ADS performance reduce
  • Hip dispersed greatly enhance

PDSW 528

  • Motion performance greatly enhance
  • Harm vary greatly enhance
  • ADS performance greatly enhance
  • Hip dispersed reduce
  • Incorporating Laser and also Flashlight Accessories
    • 1mW Artemis Laser
    • 1mW Fast Hearth Laser
    • Accu-Shot 5mW Laser
    • VLK LZR 7mW
    • 7mW Canted Laser
    • Schlager ULO-66 Laser

VEL 46

Sniper Rifles

Indicate .50

  • Repaired associates on Indicate .50 barrels:
    • 21.5″ Fluted Fifty
    • 23.5″ SA Fifty-H7


  • Repaired an subject using the Schlager TTF3 Riser ammo comb on STB 556 Attack Rifle
  • Dropshot manipulate repair
  • Repaired manipulate via bipod place launching, re-enabled bipod utilize.
  • Repaired incendiary injury with time to maybe not flinch the athlete


Zeus | KorTac

  • The past of his title, Zeus developed the “Rumbling” Corps counter-terrorism party committed to looking down AQ.
  • Unlocked routinely via acquisition of Period 01 Fight Move.



  • Minimized the vital injury multiplier on Hefty Storage tank (from 1.6 to 1.25)
  • Minimized the injury of the PILA towards containers from 30 to 25%
  • Minimized automobile explosive injury towards different automobiles (amount differs via automobile)

Insect Solutions

  • Tuned exiting the RHIB to simply help mitigate an subject via participants obtaining caught
  • Exiting the RHIB currently areas that you throughout the watercraft. That you’ll not end up being left into the water at the rear of the watercraft whenever transferring.
  • Solutions to vehicle-on-vehicle pest that brought on automobiles soaring through specific collisions and also automobiles pressing other individuals straight back.
  • Repaired a pest the place the automobile cam was actually re-initializing after repairing a tire.
  • Repaired automobiles coming to be completely immersed whenever one more automobile properties in very top of all of them.



  • Shoot Residence (6v6) is actually currently dwell via Period 01. Established in Las Almas, that map will certainly have interaction brand-new and also expert participants alike.
  • Fight Maps
    • Repaired drifting yard in Sarrif Bay
    • Repaired extended appearance in Santa Seña
    • Various pest and also manipulate solutions throughout all Fight Maps
  • Core Maps
    • Repaired bullet infiltration concerns throughout some maps
    • Athlete and also tools crash solutions
    • Al Bagra Fortress barracks illumination repaired
    • Repaired some deployable cowl places
    • Normal manipulate solutions


  • Multiplayer
    • Rate 1 is actually dwell via Period 01
  • Particular Ops
    • “Protector: Mt. Zaya – Customized” goal is actually currently out there
    • “Excessive Floor” goal currently out there
    • Repaired pest the place participants have been not able to revive a teammate should they went down close to an ammo field
    • Currently incentives Celebrities whenever accumulating intel
      • Celebrities rewarded upon accumulating 5 intel; 2 for each intel
  • Solitary Athlete
    • Attended to subject the place athlete might receive caught into the lift through the “Countdown” goal
    • Repaired subject the place series would certainly maybe not zing off throughout 2nd fifty percent of “Get rid of otherwise Record” goal


  • The Exercise Price sticking to the Trouble Secure will certainly all the time get rid of the athlete making use of the Trouble Secure (also should they have actually the Projectile Team perk).


  • Set Mines currently follow all automobiles.
  • Ally fatalities not offer the athlete support factors whereas their own Counter UAV is actually energetic.


  • Battle File features already been extra for Core Multiplayer
  • Contacting card food selection features already been revamped to demonstrate problems
  • Individualize button extra (using the enhancement of custom-made filling display screens)
  • Some other brand-new material varieties:
    • Driver ending up techniques
    • Gunscreens
    • Warfare Keep tracks of
  • Updates to Items button consisting of:
    • Item companies apparent
    • Streamlined Blueprint navigating
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CDL Moshpit

  • As a result of lately found concerns, CDL Moshpit is not going to go dwell on early morning of 11/16, as anticipated. Remain tuned to @Treyarch in Twitter for updates in launch time whereas solutions tend to be carried out.
  • Whenever permitted, play reasonable, 4v4 suits making use of the exact same methods, maps, and also setups made use of into the Telephone call of Responsibility Organization 2023 ruleset.
    • Pick Items, Accessories, Tools, Perks, Discipline Upgrades, and also Touches tend to be limited primarily based in authorities CDL Very competitive regulations.
    • Recreation Methods and also Maps:
      • CDL Look and also Damage
        • Al Bagra Fortress
        • Breenburgh Lodge
        • El Asilo
        • Consular office
        • Mercado Las Almas
      • CDL Hardpoint
        • Al Bagra Fortress
        • Breenburgh Lodge
        • Consular office
        • Mercado Las Almas
        • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
      • CDL Regulate
        • Al Bagra Fortress
        • Breenburgh Lodge
        • El Asilo


As pointed out overhead, Warzone 2.0 is actually a common knowledge about Modern-day Warfare II. Therefore, participants could count on observe top quality of existence adjustments throughout all methods consisting of Multiplayer, Fight Royale, and also DMZ.

Console Discipline-of-Watch Slider

  • Gaming consoles currently have actually the alternative to modify their own field-of-view establishing to 120 levels.

Boosted Footstep Sound

  • The sound crew features made substantial remodelings to the sound system to attend to that essential discipline.

Team Rating into the UI

  • Participants will certainly currently find a way observe the full credit ratings for his or her complete team into the in-game Scoreboard.

Be part of In Line

  • Participants at the moment are ready to become listed on different Participants whereas they’re queued up.

Whether a Athlete signs up with a complete team that’s currently queued, the team can be eliminated from mentioned line.

Stowed Item Infil

  • To warranty a honest suit begin, items tend to be stowed whereas skydiving throughout preliminary release.


  • Participants currently could browse and also shoot their own item whereas utilizing an ascender.
  • Participants could currently affix to an ascender whereas dropping.


  • Participants exactly who tend to be parachuting could currently mantle and also walk dangle.

Walk Dangling

  • The brand-new walk putting up technician makes it simpler to traverse over massive obstacles.

Automated Product Pick up

  • Backpack ports inhabited via stackable things will certainly routinely choose up extra duplicates till that pile gets to max capability. That functions wonderful whenever participants would you like to intend ahead of time for potential ammo requirements.


Tactical Ping Steering wheel

  • Participants could currently maintain the Ping keybind to connect through custom-made visuals and also voice strains consisting of:
    • Normal Ping
    • Attacking Below
    • Checking out Below
    • Robbery Below
    • Regrouping Below
    • Remain Peaceful
    • We Requirement Support
    • Assimilation Associated

Trying For Occasion

  • That function currently contains the adhering to choice filters:
    • In-Recreation Interaction Model: Voice Conversation, Textual content Conversation, Ping
    • Major Language: Pick approximately 3 language choices
    • Playstyle (Major, Additional): Very competitive, Informal, Goals, Excessive Eliminates
  • To accessibility that, click on “Discover A Occasion”, choose the setting you desire to play to accessibility a entrance hall, and also discover your own crew primarily based in choices.