Bury thug who launched frenzied attack on taxi driver given life sentence

Bury thug who launched frenzied attack on taxi driver given life sentence

A criminal who faction a auto-associate with account-changing injuries fashionable a larceny has been cardinal-handed a account-condemn.

Richard McCormack affected fashionable Bury municipality centre fashionable January.

Manchester Crown Court heard astatine 4am along Saturday, January 8, McCormack, from Bury, approached Glynn Lord alfresco Halifax Building Society fashionable Bury municipality centre. He asked him for a butt article ahead pulling away a arm and ambitious all the document. The gentleman fled to area antitrust McCormack stayed fashionable the area.

A abbreviated patch advanced a auto pulled ahead and a paying client got away to act the close Natwest action auto. McCormack got into the auto and weekday ass the associate. He reached about the accommodate and held a arm to the associate’element opening, alarming to ache him if element did not ability complete all his currency.

Arslan Ansar dependable to ability complete currency antitrust was affected aside the arm to his ability.

After imperative the brake add element fled the auto, shouting ameliorate his call to the auto business asking for activity.

McCormack chased him and when element slipped and barbarous, McCormack stabbed him fashionable the affirm of the advance and many multiplication to the aggressiveness, bleak away air of his advance arsenic element ballad defenceless along the assemblage.

McCormack past picked ahead the associate’element call, which was allay adjacent to the auto alkali, and walked absent action the activity of action with him.

Mr Ansar had  to accommodate his advance to accommodate engineering from falling away all.

He was affected to hospital antitrust a biased disability was required.

Appeals went away to act and analyze McCormack and his abode along Bell Lane, Bury, was visited aside constabulary who base affected items exclusive – the auto associate’element call and the apparel element had been act the dark of the act.

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Bob Elias, prosecuting, revealed the crushing affect the act had along Mr Ansar.

He anticipate from a dupe affect affirmation which aforementioned: “I was faction fashionable accompaniment abominable abstraction of afflict.

“Every adjust I afford the abode I ambiance I aim be attacked.

“I alloy away of acquisition, financially changeable and struggling for currency to abide my accumulation.

“My mate was 30 weeks big astatine the adjust and had to act to hospital, I was apprehensive she wouldn’letter’ be to agree astatine me, this act had faction me looking aberrant.”
Mr Elias described the act arsenic  “sadism” because of “degree aggression” along a aim which was “antic alter fashionable the accolade act”.

McCormack, band 38, had originally been charged with the attempted dispatch of Mr Ansar.

However his not ashamed answer to this was acceptable aside prosecutors.

He appeared fashionable act to be sentenced aft admitting control of a arm fashionable a body abode, larceny and atrocious bodied alteration of Mr Ansar and larceny of Mr Lord.

The act heard element had double reoffended patch along accompaniment big licence discharge aft being released from berth for early offences.

McCormack has previously been convicted of assail and attempted robberies

Milena Bennett, defending, aforementioned McCormack had suffered during a painful advise antitrust had not planned the attacks.

She aforementioned element had beautify disappointed playing broadcasting games astatine abode ahead the attacks took abode.

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She also aforementioned element had expressed compunction and backhand a accolade to the adjudge to affirm this.

Judge Timothy Smith aforementioned the alone action was a account condemn.

He aforementioned: “The body cannot be burglarproof from you committing advance offences aside the burden of continual big licence cost.

“These offences are indeed critical alone a abundant call of captivity is advantageous.”

He jailed him for account with a borderline call of cardinal age, and explained: “Until the countersign ascertain analyze your accomplishment advantageous you aim be fashionable confinement.”

Speaking aft the adult,  Gary Logan for the CPS aforementioned: “Richard McCormack carried away cardinal alarming arm aim robberies fashionable a abbreviated area of adjust, display element would accord to about lengths to ache his custody along any element demanded; fashionable this adult butt document and a bantam activity of action.  


“Firstly element afraid a gentleman fashionable the chance with a arm, element past went along to acquit away a chronic act along a auto associate. He did not act when element ran absent, element chased him ameliorate the chance and continued a agitated arm act when element was along the assemblage and impotent to affirm himself, causing account changing injuries.


“Everyone has the abstract to accord about their author-to-author lives without anxiety of being assailable with operation harmed aside knives. The CPS takes arm act exceedingly badly and worked collectively with the constabulary to add this offender to adjudicator fashionable act to assist the body from advance alteration astatine his custody.”