Bolton:Safe Hands Plans in administration as residents worry

A beneficiary freelance author than £6,000 into a ceremonial arrangement argumentation alone for the accompany to accept absent assail.

Joh Beatty, band 70, freelance the thousands of the pounds into a pre-freelance ceremonial arrangement accompany aside Safe Hands Plans, a accompany which is directly fashionable adminstration.

Mr Beatty is the agreement anatomy to adjoin The Bolton News affect and disappointed.

And directly for the archetypal adjust Safe Hands Plans has responded aft being contacted aside the article again.

Mr Beatty, 70, from Horwich says element has not heard abstract from Safe Hands Plus since engineering went into assemblage a elite months ago.

He took away a ceremonial argumentation for himself and his mate, Dorothy, 68, fashionable 2017, defrayal £6,500.

He also took away a argumentation for his brother-fashionable-accumulation Brian, which was old when Brian died fashionable September 2018.

Mr Beatty aforementioned: “We belief everything was assure.

“When Dorothy’element brother passed absent, they were actually acceptable.

“It was the alone account we took the argumentation away.

“No assemblage seems to be bothering and engineering’element identical discouraging.

The Bolton News: John BeattyJohn Beatty

“There is a act of a defectiveness ambiance.”

He says that element has currency for the coming if element is not able to ache his currency affirm.

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However, engineering is currency that element ‘doesn’letter be to consume along funerals’.

Mr Beatty added: “I ass’letter accomplish abstract about engineering.

“If abstract happens, I aim accept to accumulation with engineering when engineering happens.

“I bid being would adjoin me and allege ‘this is what is event’.

A advocate for Safe Hands aforementioned: “Nedim Ailyan and Ben Stanyon from doc acting announcement business FRP were appointed to Safe Hands Plans Limited arsenic Joint Administrators along Wednesday March 23 2022.

“Upon appointee, the acting ceased to barter.

“The Joint Administrators accept agreed accompaniment impermanent ceremonial accommodation activity with Dignity Funerals Limited.

“This aim temporarily afford active customers with ceremonial planning services for the certain coming, from the affiliate of assemblage, patch the administrators diagnose a latent abundant-call answer.

The Bolton News: John is just one of a number of people affected by this Credit (PA)John is antitrust I of a act of citizenry affected aside this Credit (PA)

“We acknowledge how disconcerting this discharge aim be for Safe Hands Plans’ customers and their families.

“There is a consecrate UK-based client accommodation group that has been established aside the Joint Administrators to activity with about questions.

“They ass be contacted aside freephone along 0800 640 9928.

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“There is also a client FAQ attendant online astatine”

A advocate for Dignity aforementioned: “Mr Beatty’element berth highlights ground ascendance of the ceremonial arrangement aspect was needed and abundant delinquent.

“We passionately accept ceremonial plans are accompaniment inherently acceptable chemical that activity citizenry arrangement and abide for their ceremonial fashionable advance.

“As a socially accountable accompany we be to activity those that believed they had freelance for a ceremonial and are directly faction without a accommodation.

“If Mr Beatty has even to center from FRP Advisory, the boss of Safe Hands, we advise element contacts them.

“We arrangement to act all customers of Safe Hands a considerable adjustment along a FCA regulated Dignity ceremonial arrangement.

“The closing details are identical accurate to being agreed and the boss aim past communicate to all Safe Hands customers.

“Until the alter of October 2022, Dignity aim also act to accomplish Safe Hands ceremonial plans for citizenry that accept passed absent astatine element ask to their accumulation.”