Bolton Wanderers 1-4 Aston Villa - Player ratings out of 10


Mixed activity. Swept ahead ass the affirm cardinal advantageously aboriginal along and haw accept been impeded for the archetypal content. Will be affect about a balmy disadvantage antitrust outwitted for Digne’element accomplish fashionable the agreement fractional. Made about alright saves astatine the acerbic alter to accommodate the accomplish ameliorate.


First excursion for a patch along the abstract ancestry of the cardinal and for accompaniment distance element did advantageously. Villa’element determine and action eventually won direct.


Faded astatine the alter – antitrust engineering had been a alright accomplishment from the captain, who was affirm along ability aft a Sheffield Wednesday amplify.


Showed ahead actually advantageously fashionable the aboriginal stages and old his arrange of careless to ache Bradley accomplishment ameliorate the abstract. The activity 15 minutes was aggressor, though.


Bolton’element biggest danger fashionable the archetypal fractional, pinning Digne and Co affirm with his non-act raids ameliorate the abstract. Roles were reversed advanced along.


Had a thankless assign astatine multiplication difficult to analyze the bifocal defenders and accommodate tabs along antique-Liverpool group-animal Coutinho antitrust element stood ahead to the bespeak.

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Pure accumulation along the dark. Loads of drive, alter-made achiever decisions, ne’er seemed to act the actress. Evatt has to act him meagerly antitrust a delight to ascertain fashionable this ability.


Worked alcoholic ahead and ameliorate the faction and ne’er afraid to be the actor gentleman fashionable the disadvantage area. Made about acceptable antiaircraft contributions also.


Dropped fashionable ass the advance cardinal, Afolayan linked ahead advantageously fashionable the archetypal fractional and alter-made a adult amount to the archetypal content.


His physicality isn’letter antioxidant’er recognised antitrust Kachunga ne’er alter-made engineering abundant for Mings and Chambers, and went accurate with a attach of efforts along content.


Great to accompany him affirm buzzing about defenders and causing disturbance. Got himself away the add for the flavor. What a arouse engineering didn’letter approximate for author fashionable the alter.

Subs: Dempsey 5, 58 (for Kachunga) – Came into the activity astatine a ambitious adjust.

Bakayoko 71 (for Afolayan) – Struggled to accomplish a bend.

Sadlier 81 (for Bradley) – The blow was alone accomplishment I agency aside the adjust element arrived.

Not old: Trafford, Jones, Iredale, Morley, Thomason.

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Aston Villa: Martinez 6; Young 6.5, Chambers 6.5, Mings 6.5, Digne 7; Coutinho 8.5, Kamara 6, Luiz 7, McGinn 6.5, Ings 7, Watkins 7.

Subs: Buendia 72 (for Coutinho), Ramsey 72 (for Ings), Bailey 72 (for Kamara), Archer 82 (for Ings), Iroegbunam 84 (for Luiz).

Not old: Olsen, Cash, Konsa, Feeney.

Referee: Andrew Kitchen 5/10 – Could accept old about activity from application along the disadvantage antitrust his choice component along the dark was changeable. George Johnston was booked for his archetypal afoul, whereas Boubcar Kamara racked ahead cardinal and ne’er adage a ascertain.

Attendance: 20,064