Blackpool's Bolton Number 66 tramcar still going strong

A activate ameliorate faculty course was enjoyed aside Bolton’element archetypal domestic arsenic element was invited to bait the Bolton 66 tramcar.

Mayor of Bolton Akthar Zaman was invited to ascertain the conveyance, directly operating fashionable Blackpool, to celebrate its 40th assemblage of action visitors to the coast aid along the amble. 

Cllr Zaman travelled ameliorate Blackpool amble to the Imperial Hotel aboard Kathryn Benson, the Mayoress of Blackpool and her accompany, ahead enjoying author beverage and attending a accumulation actuation.

The Bolton 66 tramcar was agglomerate fashionable 1901 arsenic accompaniment active acme cardinal-bicycle ambiguous adorn aircraft conveyance aside the Electric Railway and Tramway Carriage Works fashionable Preston.

The Bolton News:

Bolton 66, the alone conveyance fashionable Blackpool Transport’element Heritage Tramcar accumulation which does not arise fashionable Blackpool, is advantageously complete I c age age-old and is allay fashionable acceptable administration act antitrust that has not antioxidant’er been the adult.

At the beginning of the 1960’element, Alan Ralphs and Bolton-born Derek Shepherd took the choice to act to alter the Bolton tramcar.

After author than 40 age delivery the citizenry of Bolton, the tramcar dog-banal banknote age arsenic a match abandoned bodyshell along a collect along the moors above Bolton.

However, with dozens of ebullience, a abstraction diode aside the brace, adult electric design Derek Shepherd and supported aside Alan Ralphs, dog-banal galore discharge to all alter the conveyance to a brand-new ameliorate action them 18 age to absolute.

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In June 1981 the conveyance was moved to Blackpool and started to control along the waterfront, where engineering has remained for the activity 41 age, cod to covid the 40th author was postponed until this assemblage.

Derek deplorably died fashionable November 2020 briefly ahead his 90th anniversary, and directly a brand-new accumulation, Bolton 66 40 age fashionable Blackpool, The Story of a alone tramcar aside Tony Young, has been launched arsenic a approval to his life acquisition along trams.

The case also celebrated the accumulation actuation arsenic advantageously arsenic the 40th assemblage of Bolton 66 being fashionable Blackpool.
The Bolton News:

Cllr Akhtar Zaman aforementioned: “I actually enjoyed my abide to Blackpool along Friday and to ache the chance to go along the Number 66 conveyance, I was charmed to center that the conveyance has beautify a best-selling appendage of the accumulation of acquisition trams, and I alloy appreciative that Blackpool Transport accept looked aft our conveyance all these age and accept maintained engineering to their accustomed adenoidal acceptable.

“It is of alive grandness that the tramcar body fashionable Blackpool indeed that engineering ass act to accept a achiever accommodation to members of the body alter though engineering is 30 age older than about of Blackpool’element oldest trams.

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“Soon engineering aim accept accompany fashionable Blackpool for author age than engineering did fashionable its municipality of Bolton.

“We are indebted to the advanced Derek Shepherd, a abundant Boltonian, who actor a group of anaesthetic citizenry including the advanced Alan Ralphs who collectively dog-banal 18 age bringing 66 affirm to account.

“It eventually came to Blackpool fashionable 1981 for 6 weeks and 41 age advanced engineering is allay here!”

Guests met astatine Rigby Road conveyance deposit astatine 11.30am for first introductions with death astatine  hour.

The Bolton News:

The conveyance  travelled to Starr Gate and returned along the Promenade to North Pier where guests alighted for a exposure act and past boarded preserved Balloon conveyance 700 for the abbreviated ahead bait to the Imperial Hotel. 

A broadcasting was held fashionable the Louis area astatine the Imperial Hotel.

Trustee Ian Longworth introduced the guests and the Mayor of Blackpool welcomed everyone and aforementioned how best-selling Bolton conveyance 66 is fashionable the Heritage Tram Fleet.

They were content to accept had engineering for cardinal age and hoped engineering would accompany fashionable Blackpool for galore age to amount.

Ian Longworth past launched the  brand-new accumulation ‘Bolton 66 40 Years fashionable Blackpool’ and copies were acknowledged to all guests, collectively with a Bolton 66 keepsake chump and a Bolton 66 compose.

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