Awaken Legends Tier List – Best Characters to Use

Awaken Legends promotional art, showing three human characters using magic.

Ruined for selection in developing the Awaken Legends crew? Effectively, that you’ve pertain to the proper location. In all of our Awaken Legends rate checklist, we rate most of the heroes right into rates, S is actually top, as well as D is actually the worst. We’ll hold it up to date as frequently as brand new personalities decrease, as well as alongside steadiness modifications. Meaning that, book mark that web page as well as inspect straight back for referral.

Awaken Legends is actually an still RPG, via a big lineup of over 50 completely different heroes as well as stressful PVP. The sport is about when you look at the globe of Westland. Each 200 years, invasions of beasts just take location. Via banding with each other the nationalities of the land handled to repel the earlier 2 invasions, however the 3rd provides but to show up. The prophecy provides maybe not already been satisfied, as well as no-one is certain how you can deal with it. 

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Awaken Legends Rate Checklist

Currently, allow’s just take a take a look at the ranks.


The number one of top.

  • You can find no S rate personalities only but.


Excellent workhorse personalities.

  • You can find no A rate personalities only but.


Dashed as well as reliable.

  • You can find no B rate personalities only but.


Helpful situationally.

  • You can find no C rate personalities only but.



  • You can find no D rate personalities only but.

Awaken Legends Personalities

This will be an entire checklist of Awaken Legends personalities verified to date:

  • Maggina
  • Persi Rodritchie
  • Ema Breeze
  • Pluto
  • Gunn Blaze
  • Ferrorina Ballon
  • Sofia

Awaken Legends Rate Checklist FAQ

Currently that you simply’ve viewed the rates as well as personalities, allow’s deal with concerns.

Exactly how carry out The Rates Function?

The rates run from greatest to worst as well as rate the final usefulness of the personalities.

  • S Rate: The essential personalities. Whether you’ll pay money for 1, put on’t hesitate. Focus on creating these types whether you’ll.
  • A Rate: These tend to be exceptional performers as well as will certainly give an ideal enhancement towards lineup. They won’t end up being as fascinating once the S Rate, however they’re most definitely price the times.
  • B Rate: Dashed personalities who is able to draw their particular weight. They gained’t maintain that you straight back however tend to be in all probability price exchanging <blank> whether some thing far better will come alongside. 
  • C Rate: Underachievers which gained’t delay terribly nicely, except you have got all of them for a particular make use of.
  • D Rate: Virtually ineffective. Prevent just like the pester.
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Exactly how Performed We Determine from the Ranks?

We try to draw from plenty of resources whenever making up rate checklists. We draw checklists from our very own gameplay, however the goal is try to generate checklists that cater to as extensive a series of playstyles as it can. For that purpose, we additionally wish to draw info from various other users’ ranks throughout the sport society. 

Whenever Perform We Upgrade The Awaken Legends Rate Checklist?

We try to upgrade the checklist often to demonstrate brand new personality launches as well as rebalances. For that purpose, it is greatest to inspect straight back on occasion whether you ought to recognize the most recent rating. You are able to hold educated in whenever updates have actually fell by means of the Awaken Legends facebook page.